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Would you be willing to share 10m with CB?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by N4INU, Dec 9, 2001.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I don't think it is a matter of going over Powell's head. It is a matter of RH asserting himself to the obvious problem instead of shadowboxing with reality. He acknowledges it exists yet does nothing, not one thing, about it? Not a "can-do" attitude for someone who claims he loves amateur radio! If he was put in charge of Enforcement, he can & should make the call to redirect efforts toward nailing a few HIGH-PROFILE freebanders. It is not like they are hiding out of fear! I don't buy into the budget argument, it is priorities & their assignment. We already pay them all a hefty salary, just what do they do for it? I think Mr. Powell is the key to forcing redirected enforcement actions out of RH. I understand that Mr. Powell is very assertive in his management of the tasks at the FCC. Maybe burning a CD of some offenders & mailing it to Powell with instructions to play it in his car on the way home from the office might be the necessary incentive to force RH to do his damn job the following morning! Some carpet burns are in order here!

    If we keep the pressure on, maybe the Field Agents can stop monitoring 2M repeaters & start DF-ing 10M signals with all that new high$$$ DF gear they have. They can start by thowing a dart at a map of the US blindfolded. They are sure to find many more offenders there than in the callbook! I live in a very rural place & I can find 50 offenders as it is hunting season here in the woods. Bambi could die of spurious out-of-band emissions much quicker than a fatal gunshot!

    There is just no excuse for continued grandstanding about amateur enforcement without taking amateur band action against the unlicensed masses!

    Otherwise, why have a license? Just to get QSL cards?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I substantially agree with your conclusions, Radiomercenary. The idea of burning a CD of the hi-jinx on 10M and sending it to Powell seems like it would be especially effective. Make a few copies to send to some congressmen who either are hams or who are on the communications committees which oversee the FCC...73 de r.w....
  3. K7PIG

    K7PIG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Got a few winks, rested a tad and off my roll. I agree with that guy's, I never thought of sending "The Man" a live as it happened recording.

    Powell cruisin' the Belt-Way on his cellular sharing the burn with Hollingsworth listening, standing at attention-cool RM.

    Off the subject a bit, however, it relates. Accidentially landed on an FCC Page with regard to FINES, the Commerical side of communications, HOE-LEE-SCH-MOE-LEE's, enormous amounts of Green Backs the FCC gets from this arena. You know my question forthcoming, where is the beef? The General Fund OR? That money could be well utilized instead of sent Overseas?

    I can't at this time think of anything to start a roll again.
    Happy New Year 2002 RM & Rw.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest


    There is more than one way to give a failing Fed rug burns. I honestly think if you sent a CD to Powell, explaining that this was occurring right under the nose of the sleeping Chief Attack Chihuahua of Enforcement & within a band he was supposed to be enforcing, something might get burned. I suggest a CD because almost no one has a tape player in their car anymore, at least not around the Beltway. I only wish I had a program to VOX burn a CD. If I did have one, I would be more than happy to write the letter to Mr. Powell & enclose my CD creation.

    Yes indeed, fines for tower light outages alone are in excess of $10,000 per violation. It doesn't take field engineers to spot lights out, they are reported. Unlike unlicensed operation, these reports are acted upon to the tune of the cash register. I am pretty sure that the fine $$$ goes to general funding as does auction procedes.

    I am seriously quite tempted to apply for FOIA access to the operating budget & time sheet working data for the FCC Enforcement Section. I, as a taxpayer, want to know how their current budget is allocated to enforcement activities as well as how much time is spent doing PR versus Enforcement functions. This must be determined before any additional funding requests are even considered. Seems to me that they are doing something for at least 40 hours +/- a week. Just what is utilized for amateur enforcement, hmmm?

    Happy New Year, hopefully it won't be for freeband pirates! I hope to dump a pile of "ShowDog" on them all!
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello RadioMercenary, Wally, and Enviroweenie: A couple of comments might be in order here.

    --1. There are three issues at work here: (A) CB, (B) so called "freebanding", and (C) Amateur Radio. Occasionally we talk about "freebanders". I think this is a bit of "fuzzy focus". Yes, it IS a problem. No, it is not "the" problem which needs to be emphasized to the FCC. The mere MENTION of "Freeband" will cause them to throw up their hands. The FCC knows full well that they are utterly unable to control this situation. The same is true for CB. We know that they have ALREADY thrown their hands in the air on that one, don't we? The FCC did away with licensing of CB-- not because they felt it was "not needed", but because the very existance of CB licensing not only proved, but emphasized and underscored their own utter abject inability to regulate CB in the first place. We need to emphasize "Amateur Radio". We are the FCC's source of virtually unlimited, militant, and unflagging support in the way of unlicensed CB incursions into the 10m Amateur Band. And they are very well aware of this. What does all this mean? We need to define the issue: and that is "Piracy of the 10m band by unlicensed CB operators". This will give the FCC with something they can sink THEIR very own teeth into.

    --2. After 450+ comments, I believe we have finally arrived at a viable, practicable, and do-able strategy that will suffice to contain the problem. RadioMercenary, Wally, and Enviroweenie-- YOU are the ones who have the key to the solution! I have been following your comments for quite some time now and it is evident that you alone possess the determination, the strength, the "chutzpah", and the "kahooneys" to see a project like this thru to fruition. We need CDs full of 10m scoflaws recorded in the very act of their hi-jinxery. These CDs should be sent to Powell and the commissioners of the FCC. Ditto to members of congress who are on those committees that oversee the FCC.

    --3. Now for a bit of criticism that applies every bit as much to ME as it does to YOU, RadioMerceanry, Wally, and Enviroweenie! ALL of us need to tone down our rhetoric. If we do not SUBSTANTIALLY do so, our efforts will be rewarded by IMMEDIATE installment into "file 13". Here is the reason why: NO-ONE (especially federal bureaucrats) likes to be offended (get that, RM?) or intimidated (get that, Wally?) or ridiculed (get that, Enviroweenie?). We ARE gentlemen, damn it, and we are GOING to act accordingly. Otherwise we will not be at all effective.

    --4. I do not know how interested others will be. Some one has to go into the arena and take all this bull by the horns. And I am sure that the four of us are definitely up to this challenge. Are you IN or are you OUT? Please let me know and we'll take it from there... 73, r.w.
  6. K7PIG

    K7PIG Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm in for the long-haul, whatever it takes.
    Bureaucrats are a different breed of people, me, I state it the way I hear it, FACTS, their words not mine. Of course, I could use TACT but I'm not running a personality contest, nor shall I be recommended for Flag Officer, not yet.

    I don't have a CD thingy for recording only a magnetic tape recorder, is that it, that's it.

    O, found a Cream Puff, Luscious HF Transceiver for field operations. Point-Man must have the best.

    I'm in and call.


    Happy New Year guy's, Wally.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am in. I will take the job, love to go to work & get results!

    "Offend"? I do no know what you mean. Sorry but I make no apologies. Sorry if the truth hurts so bad but I believe in tough love. Just like if I were in charge of amateur enforcement, all "freebanders" would have slave names!

    Lead, follow or get out of the way! 10-4?

    AK-47 in the B-Y-U, we're back quiet!
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Looks good to me, RW. Deal me IN.

    I do not have CD burning equipment and would spend a lot of time away from it even if I did have it. But would it be all right to record the incidents onto cassettes, then transfer them onto CDs by one of us who does have a CD burner?

    As you know, I think this idea of sending the CDs to some key people is an excellent one!

    May you have a Happy and prosperous New Year, RW, RM, and Wally!
    SO would you send your EMail addresses?
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Tell me something, my thin skinned little friend: What is this thing you have going with John Rocker? He is a VERY good baseball player. What is wrong with John Rocker?
  10. KB7GJY

    KB7GJY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well I feel compeled to respond to this so I will.. lol..

    My father owned the local Ham store here in Spokane, for many years.. Of course I was ummm allowed to "help" him at hamfests and such..

    After discribing the radio, and pluses and minuses etc.. I asked at the closing of the sale.. Cash/ or C.C and may I see you ticket.. Now I'm just as guilty as the next for not carrying my license with me, so we made some allowances.. If you could get two hams that would say you were working toward your ticket, or had your ticket or even buying it as a gift that would work.. The 2 would eather need to have their ticket with them, or be known to us.. Now, why did my father get out of the ham store.. very simple, the mail order houses could sell below what we could buy for. I know that most mail order houses do not require any evidance to a ticket. So another "local" ham store is closed down because they can't do the best price.. What burned me, is they would come in and play with the radios and then order it though Mail order. Some we turned away went out and bought the radios through mail order because they were looking at the $$ not the amateur radio community as a whole.. Heck I eve placed a order with a Mail house that is very large and still in busness today with my fathers credit card (With his permission) and no questions were asked about if I had a license.. I still believe that these businesses have a moral obligation to make sure who they are selling to have honest intentions. And yes I would support legislation that would penalize the vendor for selling a rig to a non-licensed ham, unless certain things are met.. IE licenced Hams oking the radio's purchase, or a ticket.. But will that happen.. Opnly time will tell..
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