Working special events with CW ???

Discussion in 'Straight Keys - CW Enthusiasts' started by K5UNX, Jul 7, 2019.

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  1. AC0GT

    AC0GT Ham Member QRZ Page

    You do realize that you used a computer to post that, don't you? If this kind of keyboard to keyboard communication bothers you so much then why are you here? I've seen the Field Day videos of people working CW, and they will have a computer keyboard in front of them with macros programmed in and rarely will they send any code by hand. They will have a waterfall on the screen and a point and click interface to tune the radio. They are operating CW no different than any other kind of digital mode.

    Get used to it. Three's going to be more and more people operating CW by computer with computers and software defined radios becoming cheaper and therefore becoming more popular.

    Again, if typing on computer keyboard bothers you as a means of communications then get off the internet.
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  2. WA1GXC

    WA1GXC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am confused and do not follow the logic of your argument.

    The fellow to whom you're responding holds the same view as I-- manual Morse communication is a tradition and an art that is

    perverted and disrespected by those who totally automate it. My position is that if you're utilizing a computer to send and decode

    your transmission, you are not a CW operator in that moment. You are manipulating a computer, but you're not a CW operator.

    I'm totally open to a persuasive counter-argument. "Get used to it" is dismissive and intellectually dishonest--also offensive..

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  3. W4AUT

    W4AUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    You Sir, missed my point!! C.W. is a manual mode that takes human training, skill and decision making in a very rapid arena! And of course I use computers!! The Art of C.W. communications, between to skilled operator's is something to be admired, and enjoyed!! I did not post my opinion to
    be critical of other modes of communications. Have a good day Sir!!
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  4. AC0GT

    AC0GT Ham Member QRZ Page

    No, I'm pretty sure I got your point.

    Not any more it isn't. Again, whenever a CW contest comes around I'm seeing people bring out their computers to get contacts. This has been the case for a very long time. If it was personal contact and human training that they valued then they would not be using computers. Manually sent CW is becoming the exception, not the rule.

    Yes you did, you said you didn't want to talk to a computer. There's a human behind those digital modes, and your failure to understand that shows you have an interesting understanding on how those modes work.

    You as well.
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  5. W4AUT

    W4AUT Ham Member QRZ Page

  6. W4AUT

    W4AUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good Grief !!! Lighten up!!! Excuse me for upsetting you!! that was not my intent!!
  7. W4AUT

    W4AUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    W4AUT; He is really upset! Gosh, I guess he needs to call his Doctor and increase the dosage on his Medications!!
  8. W4AUT

    W4AUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    For all those computer operator's on this forum, who object to my Post about computer generated C.W., Please understand that
    I did not intend to degrade or insult you ability or your choice of MODE's, I simply stated that I prefer to Work C.W. mode
    Human to Human, where there are real people with a skill set that I admire and enjoyed!! I appears that our fellow Ham
    (ACOGT) was a little upset, and took my Post very personal!! I hope that I did have the same effect on anyone else!! 73's to the forum!!
  9. AC0GT

    AC0GT Ham Member QRZ Page

    What was your intent? I'm seeing someone ask how it is that people on CW contests send Morse code at such high WPM. One answer after another point out that this is because a large portion of these people operate CW with computers. Then you come in asking that we keep computers out of CW. My response was that there will be an increasing use of computers to send CW because of the constant lowering of the bar of entry to do so. I'll also add that there is a reward in contest points in getting their Morse code out quickly and accurately, and computers are very good at doing the same thing over and over quickly and accurately, therefore there is a large incentive to use computers to operate CW in a contest.

    Your desire for people to stop using a computer for CW is likely to fall on deaf ears. So, again, what was your intent in expressing a desire that people stop? It's not likely to happen, there's every incentive for more people to operate CW by computer. This is doubly so in a contest. You are simply going to have to deal with that.
  10. K5TSK

    K5TSK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    It's almost embarrassing to post on this because I'm not sure what a high speed Field Day op or 13 colonies op does these days. Are they using skimmers to decide who is there calling? Dunno. I'm no good at pileups and generally stay away from them. Can't type 35, or 50, or 60 wpm so not in that league. Not much of an CW op, I guess. Don't use Fldigi for anything now, but if a few guys cross over from digital so they can QSO on code more power to them.
    What they will never know, until they learn, is how to chat at higher speeds using a straight key, bug, or paddle and enjoy sitting back drinking a cup of joe while they do it. They will never know the thrill and sense of accomplishment of having all three types of key on their desk and being able to switch at will. And be working a guy or gal on the other end who probably could do the same. Or at least know from the conversation, that they copied every word as you switched back and forth. Those kind of ops may send on a computer keyboard also, but they ain't worrying about looking at their monitor to see what was said. They are sitting back in the chair chuckling at the joke just sent.
    It makes me sad to know, judging from the kind of code operation going on today, that maybe before long, there won't be anyone around who can conceive of the joy of old time CW operating, I spoke of above.
    Hank k5tsk
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