Worked All States

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N2EY, Oct 16, 2018.

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  1. AB8MA

    AB8MA Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    You've got to be kidding. Playing that "I am nothing compared to almost everybody here" card again? You may not spend a lot of time building yourself up, but try to raise yourself up by putting others down. Quote sounds like I would imagine my little sister, if I had a little sister.
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  2. K3EY

    K3EY XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I still have the 50 QSL cards that gave me WAS. Getting confirmation was little challenging with a just a few states back then, most guys where extremely accommodating.

    DE was my last and neighboring state. WY back then only had a few CW ops I believe!

    I wouldn't do it today with LoTW, don’t use it or want to.

    It's the only award I have and the only one I ever wanted, all CW, still my favorite mode.

    Good Job Jim for following thru!
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  3. N6PAT

    N6PAT Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

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  4. N2EY

    N2EY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Actually you only need 50 sections....they just have to be the right 50 sections.

    LoTW makes the confirmations relatively easy, because a lot of folks submit their logs online, and upload to LoTW at the same time. Heck, I do both on Sunday night after SS ends, before I go upstairs.

    I've worked all sections in SS - the problem is, never in the same SS. One year I'd miss a handful of sections, the next year I'd miss a different handful, etc.

    All the Qs for WAS that I submitted were made in the past few years....probably all on SS. All were made with the same rig and antenna, too.


    WAS has some odd rules, though. One is the 50 mile rule - all Qs must be made from locations no two of which are more than 50 miles apart. Draw a circle 50 miles in diameter, and all the locations must be inside the circle. So a move of a relatively small distance makes one start over. (With DXCC, all Qs made from the same DXCC entity count - so a ham could make Qs from Maine, Florida, California, and Washington, and they'd all count.)

    73 de Jim, N2EY
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  5. WG7X

    WG7X Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Let me add a gratuitous "Me Too!".

    In my case, it was the advent of ARRL's LOTW that finally got me to apply for certificates. No more card checking or mailing QSl cards from coast to coast. I've always been lazy and being lazy, I usually did not like the paperwork side of the hobby. Along comes LOTW. Suddenly the awards are cheaper and easier to get. Count me in!

    So there you go. I will not itemize the certificates but I have just about all I need for now. Still looking for Montana on 15 meters though for the five band WAS. I have worked Montana many times, but when all the fellows in LOTW who used to live in Montana apparently all moved away...

    What's a fellow to do? Besides being patient...

    Just kidding. Some day, maybe I can work that elusive Montana ham on fifteen meters and get a QSL via LOTW. Or not...
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  6. N6PAT

    N6PAT Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Look for KL7SB. Steve was kind enough to help me get AK to finish 80 CW
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  7. WB0MPB

    WB0MPB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I guess he told you Jim!:rolleyes:
    Why would you post something so meaningless as getting your WAS Jim! :D

    But what I really want to say is Congratulations Jim on your accomplishment. Good Job and it is something to be proud of and you earned the right to post this.:)

    John, WB0MPB
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  8. W4ZD

    W4ZD Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Actually, I found WAS a more difficult challenge than, say, working 100 or 200 countries. Just me, though, after 50 years in the hobby.

    Frankly, I think the steps need upgrading, such as a WAAH award (Working All A$$ Holes). Now, there is a challenge. :D
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  9. K1VSK

    K1VSK Ham Member QRZ Page

    What "job"? Working them or proving it to someone else?

    I used to live in Rhode Island. Getting qso cards was unavoidable.
  10. W3WN

    W3WN Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well Jim, WPA isn’t significantly closer to AK than EPA. Suffice to say, if I can work AK on 80/75 with 100 W to an HF6V, I have faith that you can manage it as well.

    WRT SS, well, that’s strategy. You have to decide if you want to work those stations on the other bands & then hope that the states show up on the low bands later... or pass on them and hope they show up on the low bands later. You have to play the odds and plan accordingly.

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