WK9U Jason Leslie - A dishonest individual and transaction

Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by VE5GF, Nov 2, 2017.

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  1. VE5GF

    VE5GF Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have been reluctant to post this, because I don't wish to come across as "bashing" fellow hams, but I need to make other hams aware of what I judge to be a very dishonest person in regards to a transaction I had with Jason Leslie / WK9U this summer.

    Long story short -- Jason was selling a "like new" and "factory mint" Yaesu HF rig. Very few photos were provided, and what photos there were, were extremely tiny in size, so no real detail was visible....which in hindsight should have been a warning. Jason stated over and over (although I only asked one time in an email) that the transceiver was "factory mint" and so forth. I believed this, as almost all of us Canadians are trusting of other hams.

    I sent the payment via postal money orders, received the transceiver a short time later (it actually arrived earlier than expected to my US address where I spend half of my time these days with the XYL). Upon inspecting the contents, the radio was absolutely filthy. It looked as if it had literally been through a flood without being cleaned!! Every crevice of the rig was caked in dirt. Even the VFO turned with a harsh scraping sound.

    I was furious about this and felt like I'd been taken advantage of and I attempted to contact Jason both via telephone (first) then email. Jason's basic reply each time was more or less just "tough - you bought it as-is knowing the condition"!! My multiple attempts to remind him of our conversation about the condition in which he advertised it as "factory mint" (his words) he choose not to simply accept this for whatever reason.

    I am out $1,800 Canadian dollars - plus FedEx shipping - with a transceiver worth essentially nothing. Beware of this seller!!

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  2. N5AP

    N5AP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Incredible. I had a very similar experience in purchase I also made from Jason WK9U. I'm sorry to hear this happened to someone else too.

    Brad N5AP
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  3. VE3NC

    VE3NC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Very surprised to see this as I also had the same type of experience with Jason / WK9U as the OP had, through not quite as severe in monitary loss, but still over $1,200 plus shipping on a TS-950SDX.

    Same story almost to the letter - the rig Jason shipped didn't match the photos even remotely. Radio was non-functional upon delivery (advertised as being "like new" and mint condition) and was covered in some kind of sticky oil / grease. The display was cracked from right to left. Would not power on. I opened the cover and it smelled heavily burned inside with visible PCB damage. He insisted on cash or postal money orders, and now I know the reason why, because there is no recourse for the buyer. His response? He told me I purchased it as-is with no warranty. I wound up donating the radio to a local ham club for spare parts for their working 950. I actually think the pictures in the ad were of some other TS-950 than what he shipped.

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  4. K7JEM

    K7JEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    A couple of good rules to follow when you are buying something on QRZ. The first is to NEVER use Paypal Friends and Family. Never. The second is to look on the QRZ site and see if anything good or bad has been posted about the person. The third is to run a Google check on the person's name and/or callsign. If you Google WK9U, the second result is this:

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  5. VE5GF

    VE5GF Ham Member QRZ Page

    That website http://www.wk9u.com is a very good find. I wish I'd seen that months ago!


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