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Wiring diagram for a turner plus 3b to a yaesu ft1000mp Lunar 2M10-150p

Discussion in 'Microphones, Speakers & Audio Processing' started by M7CHH, Apr 21, 2019.

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  1. M7CHH

    M7CHH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi, I don't suppose anyone would have a wiring diagram to wire a turner plus 3b to a yaesu ft1000mp please. I know its an old microphone but its solid and has a nice heavy old school feel to it.

    Also if anyone looking at this has any info on a lunar electronics linear amplifier and preamplifier, as I have one that I want to use as a preamp. For some reason the preamp wire has been dewired and removed from the switch and I have no wiring diagram to find out where this wire goes onto the board.

    The lunar is a 2M10-150p

    Many thanks in advance

    Cliff M7CHH
  2. KD8DEY

    KD8DEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Pin 8 mic + (White)
    Pin 7 Mic - (Shield)
    Pin 5 & 6 PTT (Red & Black with mic wired for relay mode)

    the amp is for 2 meters...
  3. KA8MNP

    KA8MNP Ham Member QRZ Page

    I see this thread is nearly a year old but it is interesting to me. A friend gave me an old Turner +3 microphone after hearing me menton on the air that I'd like to modify a Turner + 2 to work with my Yaesu FT897D because I just liked the way they looked. I sort of envisioned painting it black and maybe even stripping the guts out of it and rebuilding it. I'm wondering what results you had with your microphone and your FT1000mp. I have an FTdx1200 as well as the FT897D and do have an adapter cagle for 8 pin round to 8 pin modular.

    I really like the look of the +2 much better than the +3 but they both are neat appearing microphones so I think I want to give this a try.

    By the way I noted the pin out provided by KD8DEY and I'm guessing this would be the same. Not hard to look up in owner's manual if it isn't though.

    Not a pressing problem, just a fun little project but any suggestions appreciated anyway.
  4. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    The +2 or +3 should work fine.

    I don't like either of them because they're "too short" and if sitting on a desk require me leaning way over to talk into either of them. Some hams (and probably CBers also) solved this by just picking them up and holding the mike in their hands, which seems kinda silly.

    Sitting the mike on a stack of books or something to raise it up to "mouth level" works.:)
  5. KA8MNP

    KA8MNP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks. Just something from the "nostalgia" part of my brain. I had a Plus 2 back in my teen age years when I was into the CB radio thing. This was way before the real CB radio craze of the 70s. I looked at it after I read your post and you're right the barrel part of the mic is short. The vertical part of it is about the same as my MD-100 which I use daily with no problem. I do keep a hand mic handy for the times I want to rare back in my chair and rag chew. Alhough I admit I have from time to time picked up a desk mic and rested it on chest while I talked into it.

    73 Ranadall KA8MNP

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