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Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by M7WOT, Jun 4, 2021.

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  1. M7WOT

    M7WOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi All

    I have an FTM400 and I can use Wires X in direct mode and have had some conversations. I have an FT3D and when I setup the FTM400 in node mode, I can hear what's going on when I connect the FT3 but I cant transmit. All that's happening is that I can wander about with the HT and listen but not join in.
    Any suggestions?
    Steve M7WOT
  2. W4EAE

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    Start with the basics:

    -Verify that the FT-3 is transmitting on the same frequency that the FTM-400 is listening on. (make sure that repeater shift and auto repeater shift are disabled).
    -Watch the S-meter on the FTM-400 when you transmit on the FT-3. Are you seeing signal?
    -If you have set either radio to a specific DG-ID, set both back to '00'. (This must be done in the WIRES-X software under the radio settings for the FTM-400).

    After that, double check all of the WIRES-X software settings.
  3. M7WOT

    M7WOT Ham Member QRZ Page


    Thanks for replying.

    When I hit the wires X button on the FT3 the FT400 sees the push and responds. I have added DGID on various numbers and removed them. When I hit transmit on the FT3 the FT400 see it and registers the transmit, wires X software sees the transmit and changes from a blue local to a green local but doesn't get relayed so the room doesn't see it. There is an empty box on the FT400 where you would normally see the call sign. The FT3 see's the room and sees my node as the connected point. When its in PDN mode rather than WiresX mode, the FT400 registers my call sign on the display but it still has the same issue. It doesn't get relayed. This is why I am confused. Its obviously connected and when I'm in a room, the FT3 shows R>my call sign and then the call sign of the person talking. Receive is fantastic. I am sure its something simple. I have removed and reinstalled. I reset my wires X id and have factory reset and started from scratch on both. I am scratching my head.

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