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WIRES II Question

Discussion in 'Echolink/IRLP Tech Board' started by KE5YUM, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. KE5YUM

    KE5YUM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello all,

    Is WIRES II still a good option for ham radio via the computer? From what I read it is not too popular in the US (if I am reading the articles correctly), and I am considering a Yaesue HT with the WIRES access key.

    Terry KE5YUM
  2. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I think for most of us, the WIRES key is more of an annoyance than a feature. I only know of one WIRES installation in Minnesota, and that's at the one and only ham dealer in the state who sells Yaesu gear. You often hear the tones for WIRES from newbies who accidently turned WIRES on and don't know how to shut it down.

    Really, for EchoLink, IRLP, or Allstar, not much is needed beyond a functioning DTMF keypad if you have a gateway near you. On some rigs, you can use DTMF memories to store 'canned' DTMF sequences even if the radio doesn't have a keypad on it.
  3. KF7VXA

    KF7VXA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I hear that 20% of users of Wires II are in the USA, 70% are in Japan.
    I just bought a used one for a good price, I figure there will be some good people to talk with. The more we get in the USA, the better. I'm waiting for it to arrive, so I have not tried it yet.

    You can look at those who are using it on the Yaesu web site. Yeasu are good radios, but if you try Echolink and like it, the Kenwood 71 series of duel band radios have a built in Echolink node that makes it very easy to set up your own simplex or repeater node and 10 programmed buttons for your 10 favorite contacts. They would be the best radio if Echolink works for you. Echolink has far more english speaking stations and has a great deal of people in the USA and foreign countrys who use it. Wires II will work with any radio, but you will find far less people who use it, it has not really taken off yet. I want to have it for an extra mode of communication for EMCOMM work as well as just some QSO's.

    If you want to get more contacts in the USA and foreign countrys, Echolink would be a better way to go. You can communicate directly through your computer of use your radio to talk through it. Echolink is very versital. Some don't think it belongs in ham radio, but you can still use your radio to access it and talk to anyone who is signed up on Echolink.

    I cannot afford a HF radio right now and use Echolink to make distant contacts until I can get my HF radio bought and set up. If you just want to make long distance contacts or contacts in any part of the USA, it is a very good way to go. It's free, just requires you send a copy of your amatuer radio license.
    I'm going to set up an Echolink simplex node soon for those who want to use it from their moble VHF radios.

    I think having both will increase the number of long distance contacts. I have had very good success on making contacts on Echolink. Just be sure your audio is set right as far as your audio level goes, Echolink has a way to hear your audio, it replays what you have said without broadcasting what you said, it really is a great feature. Too much and your audio sounds really bad. Echolink has the ability to contact far more people, it is about the most popular VoIP site out there in my opinion.

    My Best, John K
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2012
  4. KE5YUM

    KE5YUM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for the comments. They are pretty much what I had concluded doing further study after the post.

    All the best,
    Terry KE5YUM
  5. KE5YUM

    KE5YUM Ham Member QRZ Page


    I'm following up on my earlier question and response. You mentioned that you had ordered the WIRES II interface box. Have you received it and what are your thoughts?

    I ordered a VX8GR and WIRES may be an option for me in the future.


    Terry KE5YUM
  6. KF7VXA

    KF7VXA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm waiting for an adapter for the cord so I can use a USB port, they want you to buy a $33.00 cord with USB to make extra money
    From what I have seen, it looks like an easy to use system, I got my passwoed in 4 or 5 days.
    Even if just 20% of users are in the USA, it should offer plenty of people to talk with. Some days the UHF/VHF is slow, the HF noisy and poor probigation, so the Wires may offer another possibility for some decent rag chews. I hope to have the adapter ($6.00 on E Bay) soon and will let you know how it works.
    I also use Echolink, so I try to mix it up some.

    My Best, John
  7. KE5YUM

    KE5YUM Ham Member QRZ Page


    I agree with you. There should be plenty of people to talk to that speak English. Please email me at my email address on when you get it set up. I would like to have some feedback before I invest.

  8. KF7VXA

    KF7VXA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sorry, but I got a Yaesu 450AT for a good price and have been preoccupied with getting my general and getting on the air on HF other than 6 meters. I'll get to it one of these days and give a report. I'm very much into EMCOMMS and want to have every way to communicate possible. Of course if and when the net goes down, so does Wires II and the rest.

    73's John
  9. KE5YUM

    KE5YUM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Joh, Thank you. Feel free to send an email at my address on QRZ when you get it up and running. Terry
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