Wireless CCTV Solar powered camera install

Discussion in 'Homebrew and Kit Projects' started by W6VMX, Aug 18, 2021.

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  1. W6VMX

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    About a month ago Eric and I decided that we wanted to add two cameras to the growing CCTV system we have set up. Parameters were that they had to be mounted on a pole above the outside wall of my property, viewing the sidewalk and street behind the house. They also needed to be powered by batteries sufficient to operate them for several days if needed, and be charged with a solar panel. After much planning and research, the following is what we came up with, and this is an evolving and ongoing project as we determine new things to add to the system to make it better. At present, it consists of the following items.

    2 - wireless CCTV cameras
    4 - 7ah 12vdc gel cell batteries wired in parallel
    1 - 30 amp solar controller
    1 - water tight box
    1 - 100 watt Grape solar panel with pole mount

    and various other hardware and parts as needed. See attached photos. More to come, and happy to answer any questions too......W6VMX & W6EKB

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  2. W6VMX

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    Here are some of the latest mods so far. Remote meter shunt controller, vents and fan with thermo switch, terminal strips to make it nicer to work on, and more to come........

    20210807_095232.jpg 20210807_095236.jpg 20210807_095239.jpg 20210807_095242.jpg
  3. W6VMX

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    Operation to date for just over a month now. Daytime voltage peaks at 14.4vdc at up to 3.5 or so amps until solar controller kicks in to limit charge. Night time, voltage drops to about 12.7vdc and current draw is about .8 amp. Cameras do have IR LED's that operate at night, but have never seen current above .8 amps to date.No low voltages so far, even on cloudy and rainy days so far. Working better than planned. Attached are some photos of the inside area equipment used for my CCTV system and related stuff.......

    20210818_121846.jpg 20210818_121900.jpg DSC00026.JPG photo2.jpg
  4. W6VMX

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    Here is a photo of the receiver for the wireless shunt. Fan inside box is set for 40c turn-on. Works great so far...............

    Wireless va meter.jpg
  5. W9GB

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    Inside the waterproof enclosure -
    Did you 3D-print the Blue mounts for the Ground Bus Bars (copper)?
  6. W6VMX

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    No, mounts were purchased from Amazon. Here is listing info:

    MY MIRONEY Terminal Block Blue Terminal Bus Bar 10 Positions Screw Brass Terminal Grounding Strip Bus Bar Block Pack of 5
    Style: 10 Positions
    Price was $13.99 for a 5 pack

    Brass terminal grounding strip bus bar block with 10 screws.
    • Hole Diameter:5mm/0.2";Screw Size:M4.
    • Mounting Hole Center Distance:94mm/3.7".
    • Total Size:108 x 12 x 21mm/4.25" x 0.47" x 0.83"(L*W*H).
    • Widely used in power distribution cabinets, distribution boxes,mechanical equipment factories,electrical equipment factories,etc.
    Hope this helps, but feel free to ask any other questions you might have........Joe

    Last edited: Aug 19, 2021
  7. W6VMX

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    Waterproof box info as follows (again from Amazon):

    MAKERELE Outdoor Electrical Box Weatherproof Includes Internal Mounting Panel 15.7"11.8"6.7" (400300170mm) Large Project Box for Electronics Hinged Cover Plastic Clip with 2 NPT 3/4” Glands
    Price was a$76.88

  8. K0UO

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    Any RFI
  9. W6VMX

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    Only what the wireless V/A/Temp unit and cameras send. Nothing detectable on my 991a.........................Of course, I do have high tension lines behind the house too, and they are quiet as well.......................
  10. W6VMX

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    Quick photo of pole camera views on monitor............

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