Windows 10

Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by K4KWH, Mar 15, 2019.

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  1. KK4NSF

    KK4NSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    WIN98 is a classic!
  2. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Win 98 was not so great.

    98SE still rocks on. :)
  3. KK4NSF

    KK4NSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    you know... you are right! the Win98 we all know and love is actually Win98 SE. thanks for the clarification
  4. KX4OM

    KX4OM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Microsoft's browser development is going to be based on Chromium. I think eventually, their OS will be *NIX. It will save them fortune on development costs.

    Ted, KX4OM
  5. VE3ZYR

    VE3ZYR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Does it have the Turbo button though?
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  6. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    No. The turbo button was on the AT Clone.

    4.77 Meg was normal and 10 mHz was turbo.

    I do have one, But memory is 512 Kb so it is really only good for DOS. It has a 5.25 inch floppy and 40 meg HD.

    In the day it was the hottest thing going for about $2000 USD
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  7. KA8NCR

    KA8NCR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I wouldn't be willing to wager on that one. I know this will come as a complete shock for those who know me as A number one Microsoft Windows hater, but the Windows kernel is pretty impressive.

    The rest of Windows is a horror show. Unfortunately, Gnome and the people are rapidly closing that gap.
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  8. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    One question I have is, How long will Win 10 work without being connected to the internet ?

    Has anyone used it completely disconnected from the internet so it don't update or phone home ?
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  9. VA3VF

    VA3VF Ham Member QRZ Page

    LOL...precious. In my opinion KDE already suceeded in closing the gap.:D
  10. N1OOQ

    N1OOQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, I have turned off most of the phoning home, and it just plain can't do any updating... It wants to cram 2G through our DSL connection... Just ain't gonna happen at our download speed.

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