WIA Board Comment by Peter Clee VK8ZZ

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by G4TUT, Oct 5, 2019.

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  1. G4TUT

    G4TUT Ham Member QRZ Page

    WIA Board Comment by Peter Clee VK8ZZ
    WIA Director Peter Clee VK8ZZ says the changes announced by ACMA to the amateur licences haven't gone as far as WIA want. Increased Foundation power, to 50w, still on agenda

    WIA News reports:
    The changes to the Amateur Radio Licence Conditions determination which were released last month are far less then the WIA and the Amateur Radio Community in general sought. It is pleasing to see that Foundation Licensees can now use digital modes, but there is still much work to do in pursuit of additional conditions for the Australian Amateur Radio service.

    The WIA will pursue the additional LCD changes that were sought in our submissions. In particular we will be lobbying to have changes in power limitations and changes to the structure for issuing callsigns, especially foundation level callsigns, although these are not part of the LCD’s.

    The WIA is also keen to pursue the use of the 60-metre band.

    Ted Thrift VK2ARA is the WIA Clubs Co-ordinator, he has requested that all clubs check and update the club listing on the WIA web site. Statistics show that these details are regularly checked by the general public and it is important to ensure that details are correct.

    If the club directory access details have been misplaced, please send an email to the national office.

    Harry VK6YBZ the editor in Chief is still looking for one more sub editor to join the editorial team for the Wireless Institute of Australia’s AR Magazine and proposed electronic publications. Expressions of interest should be sent to the Secretary@wia.org.au

    The WIA are keen to publish more technical articles in AR magazine.
    The submission of technical articles for consideration is encouraged.
    It would also be great to see some articles specifically aimed at the foundation licensee, especially in light of the fact that foundation licensees can now modify and construct their own equipment.

    The WIA is currently in discussions with ACMA on the issue of publication of the Amateur Radio Callbook.

    In closing, I had to check recently that it was not April 1 when I heard that USA transceivers may be required to show bands in imperial measurements. I look forward to working the states on 45.9 foot band. The noise floor in Darwin is too high on the 262.5 foot band.

    Peter Clee VK8ZZ

    Source WIA News

    Licence changes requested by WIA

    Australian amateur radio Foundation licence changes

    Wireless Institute of Australia


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  2. VK3VM

    VK3VM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    The WIA cannot move forward or be dealt with respectfully "At Court" by The ACMA until it moves forward..

    I provide valid excerpts from an email just sent to WIA President Greg Kelly by me ... I I'll bet that this will be reported and taken down, but it is highly relevant to Peter Clee's discussion here and to Australian Amateurs moving forward (rather than in-fighting as we are now) and being respected so that its ideas will be heard and recognised by ACMA:



    [ Section redacted as it relates to ongoing discussion with and about Mr. Clee; Mr. Clee has this ]

    It is time that you as the leader took BIG STEPS to harmonise Amateur Radio. Big steps mean BIG advances and, as Clee puts it to me, to “IGNORE PAST”…

    Take out a RASA membership for The WIA. Take out membership yourself. Stop playing ego and [peeing] in the air games. I am sure that many RASA people will reciprocate if you do the same.

    The WIA lost the contract – and I can assure you that a considerable number of bullying and corruption complaints that The ACMA received (as well as its fear of acting) caused this. They let the contract expire and then changed provider – as many fearful and conservative Government Agencies do. You will NEVER see the real reason – especially bullying and corruption complaints (and some was from me) especially around management of the licensing arrangements - as FOI also protects complainants.

    If Owen and the team that negotiated the contract had vision 10 years back then they would NEVER have made such a juvenile mistake of entering into a contract where $0 came from the agency letting the contract. Costs have just escalated – and that is always the consequence of outsourcing. With vision (as the WIA has lacked in the past) The WIA should have been left managing Assessors with the ACMA still maintaining process (as is the case in other nations). Likewise the WIA would be RECEVING GRANTS (as Community radio does) rather than having to push costs onto members.

    It was this “costs” issue and the attacks by former management of the WIA that “let the cat out of the bag” for current issues in Australian AR.

    It was also environments that promoted people being Caesars in certain areas of AR – left unchecked – and [some allegedly] became too big for their boots and issues (and confidence) spiraled out of control.

    [ The WIA lost control of some of these entities... ]

    The WIA must be inclusive. The WIA must never let people entrench and become “indispensable men” with “empires”.

    [ All AR dominions should recognise this; its entrenchment and the "indispensable man" concept that some set up that leads to chaos. My sk father sued to say that "cemeteries are full of indispensable men". ]

    Harmonising AR and MOVING FORWARD is a necessity for The WIA (and in the longer term AR) to survive. Joining RASA and publicising such will go A LONG WAY to harmonising AR.

    You do not have to like these people… but that is not the point. You have to LIKE THE AUSTRALIAN AR COMMUNITY and have vision forward – and not to the past.

    Recognise RASA as the lobby group that it is and only is…. And frankly it is NOTHING more than that !!! Cross-fertilise ideas, wants and needs…..

    Look at the other side of the coin – that RASA can only SUPPORT what the WIA does (and vice-versa). The ACMA has embedded in its charter a right that it must speak with anyone that communicates with it.

    FACT ! That is why they also have to speak with ME when I MAKE PERSONAL REPRESNTATION. And yes I have had [high level communication myself ] !!!!

    Never put ANY EFFORT DOWN; any effort –whether it be good or bad, is constructive. Foster EVERY EFFORT as SOME WILL COME OFF !!!!!

    You CANNOT silence Amateurs (inclusing RASA) or people such as myself using the disgraceful ethical models centered on bullying and isolation of ideas that do not match their own (egos) fostered in the Wilton/Linton/Owen era. [ Redacted ] It was this Wilton/Linton/Owen attitude that led to the WIA allowing empires to be built – fostering bullying.

    That is what REALLY lost you the contract.

    The ACMA does not want to have a bar of you and some of the traditional people that you have been using. Replace these “traditional elements" [ Names redacted] and open up opportunities to new, fresh invigorated blood that have modern ways of viewing things … bring in NEW, FRESH Blood (i.e. Aiden Mountford). Present PAPERS to THE ACMA when you speak with them - well researched extensive documents that cannot be argued against.

    Change your ways. Change your people.

    Regards and always available to chat as I want to see AR move FORWARD … and its far from doing that now !


    As I stated, I present this as a way for The WIA in among the chaff and mischief to gain validity; it does so through recognising and working with differences and different bodies. Their behaviour of late has left their credibility at ground-zero level. Their subsequent "sooking" when they lost the contract has done nothing but damage reputation "at Court" i.e. in Canberra - and any attempt to repudiate this one would know would be futile - as there is nothing but FACT reported here.

    I present this as a model for clearing the slate and getting great ideas, as Peter Clee has put forward, across !!!!!

    Mind you I anticipate this to be responded to primarily with vitriol and further bullying, just for expressing ideas to move forward, across.
  3. VK2OZ

    VK2OZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    So the Wireless Institute want 50 Watts for Foundation licence holders ,wonder why they did not jump up and down with the proposals they are putting foward for Foundation holders for Novice Licence holders all those years ago .
    The Novices then were very restricted in what they could and could not do 30 Watts P.E.P if memory serves me well only 80,15 and 10 meters were allowed remember this exam was much more stringent than the exam the Foundation calls have to sit for a personal note think this exam is a farce i know of a friends 4 year old passed it after help from his dad at home studying for one month it was only a personal thing he wanted to see how his child would do .
    Now where was the W.I.A kicking the doors then for the Novice holders yet they are beating the door down for Foundation call holders don't they have enough given to them already it appears not,oh by the way the novice candidates had to pass 5 w.p.m morse code and hats of to the many that struggled and did through sheer effort nothing handed to them like now and the Foundation Licence holders want even more .I have read of some posts from Foundation calls saying they should be given 100 watts more bands all modes etc etc easy to ask knowing that you maybe in with a chance especially if the W.I.A is going to bat for you after all this whole Foundation Licence fiasco was a membership drive by the Wombat institute to try to bolster falling membership .
  4. VK2OZ

    VK2OZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    By the way whilst i remember i sent you an email Peter Clee federal official regarding your uncalled for remark regarding persons who dare offer what you would call negative commentary regarding the W.I.A strange never received a reply from you Peter but then i never receive any replies from this body regarding anything to do with management of our hobby silence '' They should make the Simon and Garfunkel song Sounds of silence their anthem''

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