Why So Many ICOM 7300 radios For Sale?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by WA3MOJ, Jul 9, 2019.

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  1. N8FVJ

    N8FVJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Interesting no one mentioned this about the IC-7300. The radio works well in quiet locations. Band noise up to an S5. Noisy locations (over S5 band noise) makes the receiver very noisy itself. I compared a TS-590SG to the IC-7300 with same antenna, location and outboard speaker. The TS-590SG on SSB without any DNR received slightly better vs the IC-7300 on SSB with the IC-7300 DNR set at level 4. No DNR use on the IC-7300 and I could not hear the SSB signal at all. I sold my IC-7300.
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  2. WA3MOJ

    WA3MOJ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    What did you replace the 7300 with after you sold it?
    Or, did you stay with the TS-590SG?
    Which antenna did you use?
  3. N8FVJ

    N8FVJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I sold the IC-7300 as I had two other modern HF transceivers so I did not replace the IC-7300. I bought the IC-7300 due to all the hype when it was released for sale.

    I owned the TS-590SG and the Yaesu FT-991A at the same time I owned the IC-7300. I bought the FT-991A for VHF/UHF use as it has a very sensitive receiver on VHF/UHF. However I noticed the FT-991A had a superior DNR without the watery sound of the TS-590SG DNR and the FT-991A has the very handy waterfall spectrum display that I am kind of spoilt using it.

    The TS-590SG has a better basic receiver vs the FT-991A, but I am not a contester. And, the bands are not crowded like 20 years ago on 75 meters that required the best receivers even for casual use.

    The antenna is a Myantennas EFHW-8010. It is a quiet antenna with very good reception.

    I blame my very noisy S9 band noise environment for the IC-7300 poor performance. My new location is very quiet with S3 band noise. The IC-7300 would likely perform very well here. Others have mentioned the IC-7300 poor performance in noisy environments. I had an early version of the IC-7300, perhaps later versions are improved. It is difficult to not look at the IC-7300 with all of the radio's features for $900 new.
  4. KE0EYJ

    KE0EYJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    My own experience backs this up. Sherwood stats be darned, they don't seem to say how well a receiver does with the various electronic noises in a big city.

    When things were quiet, or on higher bands, the 7300 is an absolute wonderful radio, capable of boosting the signal to wondrous levels with the AGC turned off. I did find it rejected close-in signals next to me quite well. For whatever reason, however, it cannot handle my environment well on low bands, such as 40m. I was s9 daily on that receiver, and had to attenuate, even when my other receivers (FT950, Icom 756 Pro, Elecraft KX2) were closer to S6 - S7 noise. Otherwise, that darned red overflow sign would light-up. I also dislike how the RF Gain on the 7300 functions like a 2nd volume control, rather than rounding-off the noise around the edges of a signal. This was somewhat improved when the AGC was unlocked (off), but still not as comfortable and useful to me as other rigs. I thought it might be the difference in superhet vs SDR, but my Elecraft KX2 was a dream, in this respect.

    I have a new-to-me FTDX3000 sitting in a box, next to me. It will travel back to Korea with me, and I'll be interested to see how that does.
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  5. K3EY

    K3EY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I had both TS590SG and IC7300 for a few years and that is not what I found at all. Kenwood wins in very crowded conditions and rx below 500HZ like no other, absolutely. But just listening and playing around the bands the 7300 is less fatiguing and has a way better NR system.

    I no longer own the Kenwood because too many useless trips to Kenwood service clear across the country costing plenty getting nothing accomplished. I had three SG’s not one would do the 100 watts rated output with Kenwood telling me that’s normal. They can keep their normal cuz every other radio I had in here, many, did 100 easy watts.

    To each their own, glad you’re happy, I wasn’t. I will buy Icom and Yaesu for now on I am finished with Kenwoods.

    Oh, I have the service invoices to show the world too.
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  6. W4IOA

    W4IOA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not everyone packs their radio to field day. I let the other "suckers" ...er hAms take theirs.
    Only radio I've ever taken to FD was the 440 for the GOTA station. As I posted earlier I hated that radio.
    When I participated as a 1E station on my own, I was the top station in my region using an apparently low quality ts450s.
    I use normal operating conditions to evaluate the worth of a radio. Don't own a 7300 but I have friends that do and I've operated them. I think they're fine radios. YVMV
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  7. K4AX

    K4AX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    My club ran 2 7300s for FD this year, off two dipoles almost running about 45 degrees from each other at the same height. Def not a good antenna setup for separation but it's what we had.
    We ran bandpass filters on the rigs like we always do, and we had hardly any issues with interference. I attribute most of that to the low phase noise of the radio's TX section. In years past, with different mixes of rigs with the same bandpass filters with better antenna setups we def had issues.
  8. N6KX

    N6KX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    How would someone know if they don't like the IC 7300 without buying one?
  9. N8FVJ

    N8FVJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Unless you have a ham friend that has one, you have to buy to try it unless you have a local ham store.
  10. N6KX

    N6KX XML Subscriber QRZ Page


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