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Why More Hams Are Republicans

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Nov 29, 2000.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    aa7bq writes

    <a href="" target="qrz_new">
    A recent pre-election survey at QRZ</a> showed that most hams
    preferred the Republican candidate. The weight was about
    2 to 1 in favor of Bush among hams. This was significantly
    more than the USA average 50/50 split evidenced in the
    (still undecided) national election.

    This article contains a few reasons why this might be so...

    A special note from the QRZ editor:

    I'm sure that I'll get some angry mail from readers who feel
    that this is a taboo subject and that it shouldn't be discussed
    in the context of Ham Radio. Personally, I happen to think that it makes
    for some interesting conversation and that's why I posted it. I also
    think that most of us are grown-up enough to respectfully disagree on
    some subjects and still remain friends. Please use the reader
    feedback / comment facility at the bottom of this article
    whether you agree or disagree. -fred


    There seems to be several reasons why USA hams tend to be Republicans.
    Consider for example:

    [*] Location

    If you look at a map of the recent election, Bush won
    2400 out of some 3000 counties in the US. This overwhelming majority
    of the country's heartland suggests that for the most part,
    people in rural areas favor the Republican agenda.

    There are probably more hams overall in smaller towns than
    there are in the big cities. I'll admit that this is
    complete conjecture on my part but I do suggest that its
    easier to plant nice antennas in rural areas.

    [*] Demographics

    This probably plays a larger part in the numbers.
    It is well known that the USA ham population is heavily dominated
    by white men over age 40. This particular group
    is known to lean to the right and so it should come
    to no surprise that their numbers should shift the
    overall totals in the GOP direction.


    What does it all mean? Nothing really, it's just an interesting
    observation. One could also say that it's a safe bet that the
    next USA ham you meet on the air more likely voted for Bush than
    for Gore!

  2. K4JSR

    K4JSR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sic 'em, Fred!
  3. K6UEY

    K6UEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sorry I missed the original posting,at that time I would have agreed,as observed over the last few decades. However being a "Conservative" I have noticed in political discussions quite a few more who have middle of the road and left leaning political philosophies. At least far more than has been present in the past. I have wondered why ,and I have concluded purely on a non scientific basis that it is a product of our left leaning educational system.I have not seen a dramatic change in the average age,as those who go onto be SK's are replaced by the baby boomers who have now become replacements for the average age amateur. The difference in my estimation is the change in what is taught in the school system post WWII or even later to the baby boomers.
    It was only a few decades back that to get into a conservative political discussion met with sympathetic views,now bring up a conservative point and you are on the verge of a heated discussion and soon find one is in the defending miniority.
    It would be nice to have a survey done by a national group and define just where the line is being drawn,is it to the left,the right, or right down the center of incongruous.
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