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Why "AM Fans"?

Discussion in 'Amplitude Modulation' started by WB2CAU, Aug 30, 2019.

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  1. WB2GCR

    WB2GCR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I know... we need to appeal to a younger demographic, right?

    AM Rules!

    I rest my case, counselor... :)
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  2. W7TFO

    W7TFO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Tell 'em AM is an app...

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  3. W2BTK

    W2BTK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I resent that.
  4. W2BTK

    W2BTK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yo bayer, us younger folks do not like Rules! That wouldn't work!
  5. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    AM sounds great on the air, and the conversations aren't controversial and seem to be mostly technical, and ham radio related. I like that a lot.

    I'd use it more if people would use more "break-in" type, shorter transmissions to go back and forth, and not "pick it up" so quickly that nobody can break in.

    AM was very "extra user" friendly when I was first using it in the mid-60s and probably 40-50% of all phone ops were using AM. People left long breaks, didn't "hammer down" for 10 mins at a time, and carefully listened for weaker break-in stations for round-tables. It was pretty much like SSB ops today, just AM instead. I knew lots of AM ops who ran VOX. In fact, my "Elmer" (sort of) -- the guy who proctored my Novice test in 1965 -- was a big AM'er (W2JZD) back then, and had a Johnson KW Desk running probably 400W carrier power or more to big antennas, and operated a lot while he was "working" running a delicatessen in NJ.

    I visited Ben a few times, and saw he had a D-104 on a long gooseneck that reached the meat counter in his deli, and he'd operate while slicing meats and stuff. 100% VOX operation, having rag-chews. I thought that was really cool, as I'd never seen a VOX operated station before. If he took a pause of more than a few seconds, someone else would transmit and continue the conversation. Lots of "breakers," and they'd be acknowledged.

    AM still sounds great, but that operating style seems to have been lost. I can't wait 10 mins for the next guy to tell me about every resistor he changed in his DX-100 and I also don't care.:p
  6. WB2GCR

    WB2GCR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Maybe it depends on your geographic location?

    Plenty of break-in operation, and "old buzzarding" here in the Northeast.
    A bunch depends on who is on, and the topic.
    But I hear and participate in both.

    Big advantage to the "old buzzard", if ur not in a hurry, is that you get to do other
    stuff and get entertained while doing it! :D

  7. K5UJ

    K5UJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    There are a lot of factors that complicate a seemingly simple issue which is operating style. I prefer the round robin style were everyone takes a turn in rotation because it seems to foster thoughtful comment instead of hitting a button and yak. When an operator is running a big rig with a sequencing system, there may be multiple relays involved to switch gear from rx to tx then the rig may have an in-rush circuit and/or a modulator delay to protect the mod. iron. Once all this has flipped over and come on, the operator is ready to settle in and hold the frequency for a while. Tail-ending happens when two ops have a topic they're focused on, grid input networks or mechanical control of an output swing link, for example, and a plethora of breakers are not welcome. People with nothing to contribute and unwittingly interrupt a topic of importance are not welcome, but unfortunately there is no phone version of the CW KN sign over.

    I'm okay with the break-in style outside of these conditions, and have a push button tx switch for the occasional fast 73, but my observations have me noticing that the groups operating PTT fail to ID much, and the conversation topics seem to be all over the place and unfocused. Something that really annoys me is when I tune into a station and listen for a half hour and never hear an ID, not because of rules so much but because I'd like to know who I'm listening to. The lack of an ID makes me feel like I'm listening to CB.

    I have no idea how things are done on the West Coast, but maybe you should stick with SSB and VOX.
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  8. WB2CAU

    WB2CAU Ham Member QRZ Page

    The Johnson Desk KW is easily capable of much more than 400W carrier. It's plate modulated class C, not linear.
  9. K4KYV

    K4KYV Premium Subscriber Volunteer Moderator QRZ Page

    That depends. I would care if the topic of conversation with the other operator happens to be focussed on modifications to a DX-100. And it would be rude to break into that QSO if you didn't have something to add to the topic at hand. I find it extremely annoying when "breakers" hijack an in-depth conversation, radio related or not, with random drivel or something totally unrelated to the topic being discussed. Wait till the subject has been thoroughly hashed over and the conversation begins to drift off topic, then break in. Worst of all is when you stop to ask the other operator for a specific piece of information, pause for his response, and one or more breakers pop in out of the blue for a signal report or to tell about the weather or something else totally unrelated.

    OTOH, if the conversation up to that point had nothing to do with circuitry in a transmitter or related topics, the other op(s) probably couldn't care less about those resistors.
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  10. W3KHG

    W3KHG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    AM is Traditional Amateur Radio. Dump the “fan” classification.

    How about “Traditional AM”.

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