Who's Who in Ham Radio

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W5AWG, Feb 18, 2002.

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  1. W5AWG

    W5AWG Banned QRZ Page

    > Leaps tall buildings in a single bound;
    > Is more powerful than a locomotive;
    > Is faster than a speeding bullet;
    > Walks on water, and gives policy to GOD.
    > GENERAL:
    > Leaps short buildings in a single bound;
    > Is more powerful than a switch engine;
    > Is just as fast as a speeding bullet;
    > Walks on water if the sea is calm;
    > Talks with GOD.
    > Leaps short buildings with a running jump
    > AND favorable winds...
    > Is almost as powerful as a switch engine;
    > Is faster than a speeding BB;
    > Walks on water in an indoor swimming pool;
    > Talks with GOD if special request is approved.
    > TECHNICIAN (Old):
    > Barely clears a quonset hut;
    > Looses tug-of-war with a locomotive;
    > Can fire a speeding bullet;
    > Swims well;
    > Is occasionally addressed by GOD.
    > TECH-PLUS:
    > Runs into buildings;
    > Recognizes locomotive two out of three times;
    > Is not issued ammunition;
    > Can stay afloat with a life preserver;
    > Talks to walls.
    > NOVICE:
    > Makes high marks on the wall when trying
    > to leap small buildings;
    > Is run over by locomotive;
    > Can sometimes handle a gun without inflicting
    > self-injury;
    > Talks to animals.
    > TECH:
    > Falls over doorsteps when entering buildings;
    > Says, "Look at the choo-choo";
    > Wets himself with a water pistol;
    > Plays in mud puddles;
    > Mumbles to himself.
    > Lifts buildings and walks under them;
    > Kicks locomotives off the track;
    > Catches speeding bullets in their teeth AND EATS
    > THEM;
    > Freezes water with a single glance;
    > Author Unknown; But rumor has it, that he has been
    > demoted to AM Late Night Talk Show Host, devotes his
    show to UFO Abductees, Guests from other dimensions,
    Con-men selling miracle-concoctions to cure every
    ailment known to man & womankind, and Particle Beam
    Generators guarinteed to 'save their owners from
    destruction when Planet X strikes San Francisco in
    May, 2003, only $12,000, VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY, I
    take Pay-Pal & all major credit cards, A LIFE IS A
    AWFUL THING TO WASTE!" Does this ring a "BELL?" The ARTful dodger of Premier Broadcasting....
    > Obviously,
    he can occasionally be heard

    > Eastbound and Down!
    > In addition...
    > Flaunts honorary degree in "Tall Building Jumping";
    > Exhibits powerful ulterior "Loco Motives";
    > Attempts to avoid speeding bullets;
    > Is able to "Pass Water", usually without difficulty
    > Denys the existance of GOD; Cohort of CBers
    > Temporary Operating Suffixes
    > General - /AG
    > Advanced - /AA
    > Extra - /AE
    > No Code Extra - /AH
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