Who uses ALE (the mode)?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KK5JY, Apr 10, 2018.

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  1. WQ2H

    WQ2H QRZ Lifetime Member #214 Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Somebody buy that girl a new camera.......

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  2. WQ2H

    WQ2H QRZ Lifetime Member #214 Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    um..... - I don't think I could have said it any better.....

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  3. WD5JFR

    WD5JFR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Several years ago I saw it use at the Williams Hamfest and was told that the radio they had came from Homeland Security. I was impressed to say the least. Wouldn't mind getting a surplus unit and trying it out.
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  4. WQ2H

    WQ2H QRZ Lifetime Member #214 Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    The Codan radios are the best I've seen. But, frankly, the software has gotten so good (similar to the MARS software) that it may someday render these radios moot. (IMHO)
  5. N0KEW

    N0KEW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Man. That one lady must have kicked the cat avatar guy to the curb or something. Shot him down when he got drunk and came on to her.

    So much anger from that one. Dude must be just miserable.
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  6. K4KWH

    K4KWH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm not exactly enamored of it myself. It does lend itself to the untrained op since all he has to do is turn the thing on and talk. He doesn't have to necessarily know what frequency/band he's on. As to the op, its kind of like the difference in knowing how to drive a straight drive vs an automatic! I suppose ALE works OK for the fixed stations. But if he's limited on power--and I don't believe the military has many restrictions on that-- a 100 watt mobile ALE isn't going to get out gang-busters because of the mobile antenna limitations. I've already seen that in hurricane operations past; the deployed ALE mobile stations simply could not get back to the IC. It was the conventional HF mobiles that DID! That was because the conventional HF, single-channel mobiles had BIG bugcatchers or screwdriver antennas tuned to the frequency of interest! When mobile ALE antennas quit costing $10,000, then it will become useable. For now, in the application I am now assigned, I'm stuck with those horrible B & W dipoles on base ops.
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  7. AF7XT

    AF7XT Ham Member QRZ Page

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  8. KQ6XA

    KQ6XA Ham Member QRZ Page

    There is an active worldwide network of ALE ham radio operators.
    As of 2018, approximately 6000 hams are registered with some type of ALE capability, interest in, or active station.
    Hams utilize the same equipment (commercial HF radios with built in ALE) and other types of software ALE with ham radios (PCALE/MARSALE/MULTIPSK) that is 100% interoperable with the built in ALE radios that are based on federal and mil standards.
    ALE activity increases quite a lot during a communications emergency or disaster, when normally dormant stations are activated.

    ALE is primarily for scanning selective calling on HF.
    Simplified: HF radio, dial up a callsign, it rings on the other end, start talking SSB or texting.

    Government, military, auxiliary, non-government, and commercial HF land mobile.

    ALE. It's not just for breakfast anymore :)

    ALE. Enjoy it with High Frequency.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
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  9. K3UK

    K3UK Ham Member QRZ Page

    ALE is used quite a bit by MARS operators and can be very useful for amateurs . The main advantage is that the methods used by the software make it easier to "find" a desired target station and establish a link (as you will have probably read) . A disadvantage was some of the data formats used within amateur radio ALE software (Multipsk or PC-ALE) were data formats that were not very robust on HF at power levels used by hams. So it is great method for establishing a LINK but was not so good for pushing documents/text. However, with advent of peer to peer VARA or ARDOP, you can now use PC-ALE as a "front end" and then switch to VARA or ARDOP . Switching to the mode most suitable for current conditions after a link has always been a basic tenet of ALE . Attending "soundings" by ALE stations has been a bit of a QRM controversy over the years, but I find them no more interfering than someone popping up and asking "is this frequency in use?" Depending on the number of bands being scanned, an ALE sounding only takes a few seconds. SDR radios than can receive signals on multiple frequencies will probably make the need to scan become obsolete.
    Andy K3UK
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  10. KB1TTN

    KB1TTN Ham Member QRZ Page

    There is a group of us that use ALE with our Micom radios and ATU coupler antenna systems both mobile and fixed. It works very well. We use it to establish voice, MT63 or PACTOR links. Don't knock it until you try it, kind of like the DMR for HF. LOL. Rob KB1TTN
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