Who else is getting started with GNU Radio?

Discussion in 'Software Defined Radio (SDR)' started by N0NB, Jan 24, 2019.

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  1. KI7HSB

    KI7HSB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ah,... I see.

    What is THIS telling me? I don't speak hex. ...or Bochi...

  2. W6RZ

    W6RZ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

  3. G4ABQ

    G4ABQ Ham Member QRZ Page

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  4. N0NB

    N0NB Ham Member QRZ Page

    It depends on the goals of a particular Linux distribution as to whether it can be upgraded in place or whether a clean installation of the newer version should be performed. Debian, from which Ubuntu is derived, falls into the former category while Ubuntu mostly falls into the latter category.

    Realistically, considering the age of your computer that it has a 6 1/2 year old version of an OS on it, calls into question its ability to run a current version that is heavily dependent on near current graphics hardware for the Gnome desktop upon which Ubuntu is based. Hence, the suggestion of trying Xubuntu which features the Xfce desktop that does not depend on near-current graphics hardware may well be a better choice for such an old computer.

    The other question is the amount of RAM in the computer. Ubuntu probably wants a lot more RAM that Xubuntu will need, which is another consideration.
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  5. KI7HSB

    KI7HSB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I had initially thought of that before I even downloaded 20.04, but after reading the system requirement for 20.04 from the maker's own website, I kinda felt confident that it wasn't an issue.

    Ububtu says I need:

    256GB free HD space I have 976GB free
    4GB system memory I have 7GB
    2Ghz Dual Processor I have an AMD A10-5800K APU, 64bit, Quad core, 3.8Ghz.
    My motherboard is an MSI model FM2-A85XMA-P33
    I have NO additional graphic adapter cards installed at this time, but...
    I have an AMD XFX 6570 model HD-657X-ZD Core Edition dual link video card that I had planned to install after I got the software issues settled.

    I felt confident that the machine could do it... but now that you ask, what about the underlying firmware? Is it sophisticated and efficient enough to handle software that is nearly 7 years advanced?

    It was a pretty powerful machine 7 years ago, but you know as well as, or better than I, that 7 years is kinda like... forever in PC time.

    I hope I don't have to buy another machine to make this work.... I've still not paid for the last machine that I had my PC building friend put together for my daughter. She's in college right now learning video game development and programming ,so she needed, basically... an atom smasher. My God, that thing was expensive. And some sort of dual sided nuclear powered graphics card... jeebus. Liquid cooled sodium something or other I-don't-know-what-all is in that thing, but it was a top of the line gamer/hacker rig 14 months ago. My friend was happy, even thrilled to build it because mostly, people ask him for boring email and facebook class PCs.

    I was in the PC and electronics biz back in the 80's, but I moved over to aerospace mechanical engineering since then. I've tried to stay up on computers these days, but if you aren't doing it full time, you get behind real fast... Today, I remember just enough to get myself in trouble...

    Anyway, I'm going to try reformatting the HD. If that doesn't work, I may have to go grovelling back to my friend, or re-learn how to do it myself again.
  6. KI7HSB

    KI7HSB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Would it help to go ahead and install the graphics card that I have for it before I load 20.04? (see my previous reply) I thought I wouldn't be able to access it until after the OS was loaded and I could install whatever drivers it needed. Was that wrong?
  7. DK7OB

    DK7OB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I would start over with the graphics card installed. Todays Linux is pretty good at recognizng hardware and necessary drivers will be installed during setup.

    Regarding your hardware: I don't think it should be a problem. My notebook is from 2010 and still runs modern Linux without problems. In fact Linux deals with older hardware quite well, maybe better than recent Windows versions.

    I am considering to upgrade my machines to 20.04 (currently 18.04), but I usually wait until the first "point" release (would be 20.04.01) which comes around July. Until then most of my third party software will be available for 20.04.
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  8. N0NB

    N0NB Ham Member QRZ Page

    @KI7HSB I think you'd get more replies in the computers and hardware forum as this is getting a bit off-topic here.
  9. KF5IPN

    KF5IPN Ham Member QRZ Page

    There is a distro of GNURadio for Windows. Might make it easier to get started. I think its originally written in Python. I don't know if there is such a thing as a compiler for Python, so somebody did a lot of work, twice. I know the blocks are Python, for sure. Steep learning curve; I've been messing with it on and off for just over a year now, and so far, I've shared what I think I know about it.

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