Which used radios are now overpriced, being most affected by the FTDX-10?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KE0EYJ, Jan 8, 2021.

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  1. KE4ET

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    Can you describe more about your setup? It shouldn't be folding back at low to moderate SWR without there being some other reason. If on SSB it might be that you are peaking a lot higher in power than you think you are due to overdriving the audio peaks, so the total reflected power may hit the limit (Dialing in SSB is different on this radio to any other I've ever seen. Methods are different. Test by seeing if it drops out on CW). Or it could be thermal - fan not working right, or no ventilation, or you are in super hot air like lots of the west of this continent at the moment (test by reducing power a lot, and key down for several seconds and see if it drops. Gradually increase power). Also, what method was used to measure the SWR? Was it a single frequency measurement, or band edges and band center, or a full sweep? I can tell you the SWR meter on the ftdx10 doesn't seem to be any better than other radios, when compared to reading with a good analyzer. The radio's results can be misleading. I'm sure all of us here will help if we can. And, of course you might have an actual radio problem. It does sound like you have a problem somewhere in your setup. 73
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  2. KE4ET

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    Back to the OT for a moment - the ftdx10 is more likely to impact Kenwood's 590SG sales, except that most who want one of the Kenwoods already have one as it's been out for a while now. So I don't know how brisk those sales have been lately. The 7300 still probably hits Kenwood harder than the ftdx10 will, at that price range. But the ftdx10 might draw a few sales away from the next step up Kenwood.

    I wouldn't expect the ftdx10 to impact IC-7300 sales much, since the 7300 is at a notably lower price point and is a lot of bang for the buck. The ftdx10 is sort of in-between, being pricy for a single coax radio but nicer than the others of its class.

    I do expect the ftdx10 to do nicely in its own right.

    A pretty new radio that is likely to have more impact on the radio landscape is Lab599's TX-500. I'd expect that one to slice and dice sales of other portable low power radios such as those made by Elecraft, and possibly the new ICOM unit. Heck, mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow! I'll be using it for hiking, camping, and SOTA. Finally, a radio for outdoor use that is weatherproofed and ruggedized, while still being small and light.

    All just my opinion of course!
  3. KI7TGX

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    Wow that thing looks very cool, I had not heard of it. Where is it made? These new small radios are making my 818 look very long in the tooth. I might even bite on a G90, but curious about this one. Anyone have one yet?
  4. N3PM

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  5. AH7I

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    Anyone looking to 'rehome' a cosmophone?
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  6. KE4ET

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    (OH8STN - His videos and articles are interesting. Mine arrives today!) 73 Gerald KE4ET
  7. K2CD

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    Indeed. Just a thought. . . could it be that the rig needs a couple of values pertaining to the power fold-back, adjusted in the service menu? Of course I would never recommend playing with those settings willy-nilly. Just wondering. To eliminate that possibility a different 10D on the same antenna might yield a different result, all other things being equal. But who has another 10D nearby to make that comparison?
  8. WZ7U

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    Which used radios are now overpriced, being most affected by the FTDX-10?

    Lately it seems ALL of them.
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  9. KE4ET

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    If you have done a firmware update but did not do that last step of a full reset that could potentially be the issue. The most recent firmware has that as a required step. Warning though, it really will reset EVERYTHING back to factory settings. So any values you want to keep, you should have written down somewhere. I honestly don't know if the reset is required, but it is in the instuctions.
  10. N7NIT

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    [I have not read all 99 posts in this thread]

    My response to the OP question is that, it seems like ALL used radios are being listed at rather high prices--some of the more modern discontinued rigs even being listed at prices HIGHER than what they retailed for. In my opinion this is because of the scarcity created by supply chain disruptions and difficulty getting parts due to the pandemic.

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