Which Radio would you choose and why???

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by N0MIO, Jun 19, 2011.


Which Radio would you pick

  1. Yaesu FT-857D

  2. Yaesu FT-450D

  3. Icom 7000

  4. Icom 706MKIIG

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. AC0FP

    AC0FP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Spoken like a true Kenwood man!
  2. M0GVZ

    M0GVZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not really. I have no brand loyalty.
  3. N5MOA

    N5MOA Subscriber QRZ Page

    What numbers would that be? I couldn't find the FT-950 on Sherwood's list.

    I did see the TS-480HX listed, followed further down the list by the TS-430, and even further down the list was the IC-7000, but no FT-950.

    Interesting list. Lots of old and new radios. Some of the old ones look like they hang pretty well with the new stuff.

    Are these radios "stock", and ranked by selectivity, with no added filters?
  4. WB8JDX

    WB8JDX Ham Member QRZ Page

    The Kenwood TS-480HX is a great value with a great receiver, and power to work DX from the home, or from the mobile. The others noted, both expensive and less expensive are just inferior to the Kenwood in so many ways. Kenwood has a winner here!
  5. AB9LZ

    AB9LZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've tried three of the four radios listed above, the ts-480 beats them all in several catagories, most importantly... in rx performance.

    73 m/4
  6. KE4YSE

    KE4YSE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Of the radios listed in this poll, I would choose the FT-857. However, I would add a different recommendation for you. If you would like to work HF either mobile or portable, it might be wise to get to a hamfest or ham radio equipment outlet such as HRO or AES if you live within a couple hours of one of their locations and try out the FT-897 or FT-817. The FT-897 is probably worth the price for 100 HF / 6m Watts in a portable radio (on 13.6V, its 20 HF / 6m W on battery power). The high power output is, as usual, lower on 2m and 70cm. If you're already looking at the IC-706, the price comparison with the FT-897 is fairly even.
    For a lower budget, the FT-817ND is a VERY NICE radio. I recently purchased an 817 brand new and have been very pleased with the compromise (I wanted an 897 and my budget allowed an 817). I never actually considered the 857 because of its lack of battery backup capability.
  7. N0PGR

    N0PGR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well Matt will never read this so , how old was this thread again . Never mind .

    857 over the 706 .

    Why , I'm not sure if it was just this 706 or what , it was deaf on 2m . During FD of '09 , the 706 during transmit on 6m SSB <really any mode / power level > it wiped out every front end of all the other radios <ft-one , ts-440 , ts-430 , 857 , 897 , ft-726 , ft2400 , ft4700 > you get the idea .

    The 857 and 897 have their troubles but work fairly well .

    good luck in the contest
  8. KA5ROW

    KA5ROW Ham Member QRZ Page

    The Icom IC-7000 current production and has color display. Looks are important to me.

    Reality: the IC 706 MKIIg Is a good rig. But look at the serial No. Two very well kept radios side by side one could be 8 years older than the other. The 706 MKIIg at a good price could be the deal to go for I have no comment on the Yaesu. Nothing wrong with them I don’t have any experience with Yaesu.
  9. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I've had my 7000 long enough (several years now) to understand what's good and what's not. It's a very impressive little radio, but I like it much better in my shack than I do in my truck. I can use all the bells and whistles in the shack. In the truck, some of them are wasted. Also, it's too easy to gow things up on it. It took me a long time, recently to figure out what happened to my CW reception. For some reason, I had lost 'single signal' reception - that is, I could hear CW signals on both sides of zero beat. Listening in USB or LSB, I did not have the problem. Somehow, it had something to do with the PBT, I still haven't figured out how.

    On the other hand, it's nice for contests, but I don't need a voice keyer in my mobile. There are inexpensive external displays that will make it easier to use, and at home, Ham Radio Deluxe makes all of the menus disappear. I can adjust all of that stuff with sliders on the screen.

    The biggest difference between the 7000 and the FT-rigs is the noise blanker. The 7000's blanker is remarkable. I have a little bit of ignition noise in my Tundra on a couple bands. The blanker kills it completely. Between NB and the IF DSP noise reduction, it makes the reception almost noise free. BUT, and it's a BIG BUT - using the noise reduction reduces the already puny audio output to an unusable level. If I turn the audio up enough to be comfortable listening on an external speaker, it starts to distort. I typically use a one-eared headset when mobile, for this very reason. An amplified speaker with lots of oomph will make a big difference.

    The 7000 is actually better than my old IC-746 in the presence of other nearby transmitters - in fact, it regularly outperforms much pricier stuff at Field Day. But, dynamic range is severely reduced with the noise blanker engaged, and I find the receiver annoyingly noisy on a band with lots of loud signals on it under those conditions.

    If HF mobile is the goal, I think I'd evaluate the Kenwood TS-480. I've heard nothing but positive about it. I'm also aware that both Elecraft and Ten Tec have new low powered portables coming out, allegedly with outstanding receivers in them. I think that KX-3 will fit right where the control head for the IC-7000 goes now, and the difference between 10 watts and 100 is only a couple S units. But I wonder about the noise blanker...
  10. PA1ZP

    PA1ZP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi all

    I both have FT857D and a FT450.
    If I hd to choose I would go for the FT857D with CW filter.
    I do not like the sound of the FT450 and do not like the IF DSP .

    If I had to buy another radio , it would be TS570 or a TS590.
    Though the TS 590 is a lot more expensive.
    If the price is the prolem then I would go for a second hand resonably young TS570.

    The Ft857D and FT450 differ lot and both radios have their pros. and cons, these 2 are complete different I do have a lot of fun with both the radios.
    The FT450 is used s base radio and the fT857D is used for portable work.
    I think the FT857D and IC706 are in the same league nd the IC7000 is one with IF DSP wich I do not wnt again seen the exp. with the fT450.
    I have worked with the IC7000 nd if I had to choose IC 706 or IC7000 I would go for the latest IC706 IIG with AF DSP and CW filter.

    Luckely there are as much or more opinions then there are different radios.

    73 Jos
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