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Discussion in 'VHF/UHF - 50Mhz and Beyond' started by W1PDG, Dec 1, 2014.

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  1. W1PDG

    W1PDG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ok I'm buying an ht today. Cyber Monday don't you know. I can't make up my mind between the vx-6r or the Th-f6a. So I'm playing a game here. All I need you fellow hams to post is which one you think I should get. I'll be ordering the one that has the most recommendations in this thread along with one I'm posting on eham. I'll tell you the out come later today.
  2. KO6WB

    KO6WB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Okay, I'll take a leap and state that you should get one or the other provided FM is your thing.
    Other than that, my post is totally unhelpful (sorry, time for my meds).

    Have fun
  3. KK4YWN

    KK4YWN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Can't recommend any ht ever.
  4. KM4GGD

    KM4GGD Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. NK7Z

    NK7Z Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have used the Kenwood THF6a for years... Here are my thoughts on it:
  6. AA9G

    AA9G Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Get a Baofeng that will do basically the same thing as those do and save yourself several hundred bucks. ;)
    If you really insist on wanting AM reception and multi modes, the Kenwood, hands down. But if all you're looking for is local FM repeater use, anything beyond a Baofeng is wasted money.
  7. W5PFG

    W5PFG Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have owned both. I sold my TH-F6. I've been very pleased with my VX-6R. Still going strong after many years...
  8. W1PDG

    W1PDG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Still time to get your vote in! Please only choose one of these as I'm not interested in alternatives. I know what each is capable of.
  9. K8ERV

    K8ERV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I really like my 3 Baofengs. Learned a few new words while trying to program them.

    TOM K8ERV Montrose Colo
  10. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I enjoy having a portable receiver that will receive SSB on the HF bands, and the THF6A will do that, so I'd probably choose the Kenwood for that reason alone.

    The VX6R does provide AM reception on HF, and transmit capability on 222 MHz, too - also a big plus. If I didn't care about actually receiving anything other than AM broadcasts on shortwave, the VX6R would seem to be a good deal. My one knock on all the VX-series radios - they get VERY hot when operating at high power - too hot to hold comfortably or put back in your shirt pocket! The Yaesu is also substantially cheaper than the Kenwood right now.
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