When Is The Last Time Your ARES Group Got Called Out?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W0EIB, Nov 28, 2019.

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  1. KA4DPO

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    [QUOTE="K0UO, post: 5279350, member: 44682
    For the Greensburg Kansas EF5 tornado May 5 and 6, 2007 which totally destroyed the town. And killing 11 people in Greensburg alone.
    W0MRT Mike and I were just about the first people there. It was an all-nighter where we started doing search and rescue, and then Mike got the local public safety UHF Communications system for the county back up and working.
    After we'd searched all houses about three or four times FEMA arrived on the site, FEMA then kicked us out of the town and totally sealed It Off, we were leaders a CERT team but it didn't make any difference.
    Luckily the local amateur radio repeater that served the area was untouched about 11 miles from the town. Red Cross Saturn group took over Communications, which many of us assisted with.
    I'm still the emergency coordinator for several KS counties but now we don't even have a KS ARRL State emergency manager[/QUOTE]

    Is that Miles job, or did he just take it upon himself to work on their equipment?

    Even in an emergency, If I was the County Manager, I would be extremely upset if some unauthorized person just started messing with County equipment, regardless of their good intentions or their success in fixing it.

    And just the two of you surveyed the entire scene before the authorities showed up. Are you authorized to do that in an official capacity?
  2. W5TTW

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    Those that beg for recognition clearly don't deserve it. Put away the tell tale signs of being a whacker. The silly EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS vests, uniforms, badges, decals, auctioned police vehicles, etc. You don't need that crap to key a microphone. Grow up.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
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  3. N5PAR

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    I joined the local ARES soon after receiving my amateur license about 12 years ago. I mistakenly thought my many years as a paramedic, firefighter, and emergency and 911 dispatch would as least be of some benefit to ARES. All they saw was a fairly new amateur wanting to join and interfere with the status quo. Another paramedic with similar training who had joined a few months before me was meet with a similar attitude.

    We were told in no uncertain terms we would have to take several online FEMA EMCOM courses to even be considered as a radio operator. The fact that Allen and I had about 40 years emergency services between us meant absolutely nothing to this narrow minded group.

    I mistakenly thought that maybe they just needed to get to know us. I hung around and went to meetings for a little over a year before getting flustered enough to quit going. In the case of my local ARES it seems to be more of a ham club than ARES. In their defense a leadership change several years ago has made many positive changes but they have still never been deployed as far as I know.
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  4. KV6O

    KV6O Ham Member QRZ Page

    A lot of this is basic requirements as part of MOU's, Grant funding, etc. All of our volunteer firefighters MUST complete ICS-100, 200, and 700 for us to be able to apply for most State and all Federal grants. If you want to fill the role of radio operator, well, you have to take the course! I am sure you had lots of repeat training over the years as a Paramedic/Firefighter. It's par of the course... :D

    Maybe something you can relate to a little better. As a Paramedic, have you ever been on a scene when someone identifying themselves as a "Dr." show up? All this skill should be a help, riiight? How'd that go?
  5. N3PM

    N3PM Ham Member QRZ Page

    "Maybe something you can relate to a little better. As a Paramedic, have you ever been on a scene when someone identifying themselves as a "Dr." show up? All this skill should be a help, riiight? How'd that go?"

    Hah, been there few times. First thing is ya ask them is "are you assuming medical control?" None ever bit.
    Mike N3PM
  6. W0KDT

    W0KDT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    N5PAR, if it was the FEMA ICS classes I will agree with KV6O. The ICS is basically a standard org chart, SOPs and forms that enables different organizations to work together easily because they have similar wiring diagrams. In the classes, you learn what Ops does, what Logistics does, what a PAO is, etc. Then when you need something, you can get to the right people quickly. Wikipedia explains: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incident_Command_System

    There is nothing magic about the ICS and individual organizations are permitted adaptations when needed. Other org charts and SOPs could work as well. But for efficiency there has to be standardization and people in the organization, possibly thrown together just a few hours ago, need to speak the same language. I was formerly an Air Ops Branch Director with CAP. Now I am volunteering with Red Cross. Same org chart, procedures, and mostly the same forms. The Field Guide in my go kit (https://www.amazon.com/Incident-Command-System-Field-Guide/dp/1890495417) works with both. Very nice.
  7. N5PAR

    N5PAR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I get it and I got it at the time the need to follow requirements for grants etc. in fact I did take and pass all of the mentioned ECOM courses you named. Still got treated as the ginger haired step child.

    As far as doctors and other medical personnel stopping to help, working in a very rural Texas county for 9 plus years I learned to take and in some cases commandeer bystanders to assist until more help arrived. In fact for the people that did identify themselves as doctors most told me they were just stopping to help and they would do what I asked.

    On the rare occasion a doctor did try to take over treatment we were told by our medical director to inform the good doctor we were following the standing orders of Dr. “Smith” our services medical director. If they wanted us to deviate from these standing orders they would become responsible for the patient’s treatment and would have to ride to the hospital with us since they had assumed responsibility for patient. This stopping the argument pretty quickly.
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  8. N7WR

    N7WR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    If you are honest with yourself and others and you look at the 1st through 6th list you compiled what does most of that have to do with amateur radio? Not one of those items is communications related. Most have to do with SAR and EMS.
  9. N0TZU

    N0TZU Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    You seem to have issues with this besides communications, but I’ll stick to the topic.

    Perhaps in your experience cell service is everywhere, but here even close to the Denver metro area cell service disappears completely within a couple miles of my house, let alone the remote areas. So I find KG7LEA’s experience very credible.

    Some well traveled major highways here right near the metro area have zero cell service for many, many miles due to terrain. Case in point, most of my hour and a quarter drive to skiing has no cell coverage, just two roadside emergency phones. Well used park, forest and recreational areas nearby have little to no cell service. The only wireless communications generally available to the public in these places is amateur radio, or satellite phone/text.

    So even though communications infrastructure is much better now than in the past and getting better, there are still many places where hams are asked to help with foot races, bicycle races, and other activities and really do provide a vital communications service for both routine matters and emergencies.
  10. N5PAR

    N5PAR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I understand and understood at the time the need and reasons for standardized training in fact I did take their required training. That’s why paid and volunteer EMS, Fire, and law enforcement services have mutual aid drills and practices. My point on my original post, which I may not have made clear, was me and others with extensive emergency training were ignored or waived off no matter what we were discussing.
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