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Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by VA7AAX, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. KE5FRF

    KE5FRF Ham Member QRZ Page

    I wasn't referring to K0RU [​IMG]

    This doesn't mean I don't think its true, it simply means I can't believe something (of that magnitude) that I haven't seen with my own eyes or at least seen evidence of.

    200 WPM is essentially 1,000 characters per minute, and given the average character probably has at least 2 key strokes, this would be CONSERVATIVELY 2,000 dits and/or dahs per minute. This comes out to being ROUGHLY 33 dits and or dahs per second, which is pretty close to being the frequency of AC hum (about half for standard 50/60 cycle AC). At that speed, in fact, Morse code almost becomes an audible frequency in and of itself. I have a difficult time grasping someone listening to an 800 Hz sidetone being keyed at 33 Hz (conservatively). And even if this is fathomable, which I'm not saying it isn't, I can only see a handful of people ever coming close to that speed, and that person would be rare indeed, only one every few generations. That computer game list is populated with dozens of people claiming to copy approaching that speed. I have played that game, I have it on my computer myself. There is no referee or quality control to validate the "records".

    I have no doubt that you guys are super hi speed ops, and your skill is ever more impressive judging your age and relative short time using code. My hat is off to you. I'll leave it at that.
  2. VA7AAX

    VA7AAX Ham Member QRZ Page

    i was listening to 80 wpm and had no idea what was a dit and dah
  3. KE5FIX

    KE5FIX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I can sometimes tell the difference between the dit and dah, but I just use 80wpm as a ear trainer. I listen to 80, 60, 40 and in between to make 20/25wpm seem slower.
  4. DJ1YFK

    DJ1YFK Guest

    200 WpM is pretty fast, and I guess it'd exceed the brain's capacity to copy it over longer periods, but for single callsigns it works. Once in a while. Here is a screenshot of my 200 WpM attempt.
    I started high, and then fell down miserably to my usual speed around 130 WpM or so. You see some calls which are completely wrong copied, others are very close, but a single dit difference wastes the whole call... Actually the resulting score was very low because I got extremely excited once I realized I had copied 200 WpM ;-)

    About referee/quality control: That's true. There is a checksum for the score, which is probably not easy to crack, but noone can guarantee that people didn't use some sort of CW decoder or recorder and replay it at a lower speed.

    There are, however, annual IARU championships, where referees actually monitor the participants, with no chance to cheat. RufzXP results there are not quite as high as in the toplist, but if you have tried Rufz a few times over a few days, you will notice strong deviations in your score... Have a look at: http://www.darc.de/referate/dx/fedth6.htm
  5. MI0JVI

    MI0JVI Ham Member QRZ Page

    My current Rx speed is about 8-10WPM whilst Tx speed is about 12-20WPM, 20+ pushing it in a contest.

    Im also using Just Learn Morse Code to help Rx with some skeds arranged with GB2CW- the UK practice CW service.

    73 Jonathan
  6. KI4CIA

    KI4CIA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Heath - We're young a heart [​IMG] Does that count?

    And you have just blown me away. Of course, you're on CW about every friggin' day too for hours and hours and hours [​IMG]

    Just kidding ...

    My copy speed is anywhere from 15-20 for ragchews, about 25 for contesting. It's probably more than that, just depends on the operator and conditions.
  7. KI4CIA

    KI4CIA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wow! I remember when you said you weren't copying very fast. Good job!

    And good job to the rest of ya too!
  8. KI4QHM

    KI4QHM Ham Member QRZ Page

    My code speed is 0 WPM.

    I'll be learning CW shortly. Their offering a net for new hams interested in CW.
  9. M0PCB

    M0PCB Ham Member QRZ Page

    My speed is limited by my ability to copy.

    Presently I can cope with about 22wpm in QSO (though a little out of practice) and about 28 or so in a contest. I've never pushed the speed much more than that in a contest as I'd rather have my chances of receiving correctly higher! ;-)
  10. KU5B

    KU5B Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm good around 55wpm now. As Fab (DJ1YFK) says, practicing every day is the key to success. RufzXP and MorseRunner are the two programs that I currently use with RufzXP getting the most attention. It definitely does give you a challenge, but at 10-15 minutes/day, you will surely notice a difference in your copying speed.

    Colin KU5B
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