What's your thoughts on an all bander for a mobile?

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by KD0PEZ, Jul 12, 2014.

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  1. KV5A

    KV5A Ham Member QRZ Page

    Check out my page here on QRZ ( KV5A) for an idea of what a my mobile antenna can do for you. I am building them now. After testing my design for over a year now and tweaking the details, I am convinced it meets all my specifications for ruggedness, efficiency and performance at a cost much less than any screwdriver on the market today. It will take as much power as a mobile installation can generate (500 watts to 1000 watts) from 80 meters up to 6 meters. The center loading coils are quickly changed for no tune operation. Sure you have to physically change the loading coils to change bands but each coil is designed for best match and efficiency on each band while some popular screwdriver antennas are limited to 200 watts input and do not perform as well.
  2. WD5IKX

    WD5IKX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I enjoy HF mobile way more than VHF / UHF. I have separate radios and use a lowly Alinco DX70TH for HF due to it's small size and low cost. My antenna is 13' 6" of "BIG and Ugly" and makes DX easy and I built it for a little over $100. I have worked Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Japan, Russia, Europe, Africa South America and my mobile record so far is Reunion Island off the coast of Madagascar 10,900 miles! Not bad for a low cost radio and a home brew antenna.

    HF mobile may not be for you but explore the possibilities before you give up on it.

    Bug Eliminator-6-sm.JPG

    I am in the process of moving my setup to a new truck and I can hardly wait to get back on the air....I miss being mobile.

    John WD5IKX
  3. ZL1UZM

    ZL1UZM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Working HF, especially mobile, from a continent takes significantly more effort than working from an island in the ocean.
    I only use a FT857 with a 4' antenna for 20m on my car. I can work the whole world with that simple set-up on 20m SSB without much effort.
    Even pedestrian mobile walking on a beach in ZL is easy working Europe on SSB.
  4. W8ZNX

    W8ZNX Ham Member QRZ Page


    drove semi for a few years in the 70s
    all DX worked mobile was on 10 meters

    found it hard to run a multi band HF rig and still safely drive
    after a few months simply gave up on using a multi band rig

    in the end spent most of my truck mobile operating
    either 10 meters with a converted 23 channel SSB, CB radio
    or on 2 meters FM
    these radio could run without looking down at the radios
    when should be looking at the road

    yours truly
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2016
  5. KD5AUU

    KD5AUU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I currently do run an all band IC 7100 but really only find myself using the HF bands - It does take a lot of work to build a good HF mobile station and if you really want to get your signal heard you need a good mobile amp and a very good antenna setup. I carry a mag mount 2 meter antenna with me that I can throw on if I have a reason but it rarely gets used.
  6. N3VEM

    N3VEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I personally love HF mobile. All the technical stuff has been cevered by other folks, but here is my tip on driver distraction:
    Whatever brand radio you get (I use an 857d), buy an upgraded DTMF mic. Before using it while in motion, get used to the controls on the mic, and take advantage of the programmable soft keys. With some practice you can control the whole radio from the mic without taking your eyes off the road. My mobile stuff can be peaked at here:

  7. KI7AQJ

    KI7AQJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am using a Yeasu FT 857D, and an ATAS 120A, which does okay. I finally started working on a larger coil loaded autotuning home brew antenna that will handle 800 watts from a linear I made, using some 454 pills. The antenna will handle 800 watts, but the linear amp is closer to 400 watts. Generally I do NOT drive & use the radio. My main mobile uses are on 2 meter & 70 cm with the repeater networks for emergency traffic. I travel for business reasons, & getting there fast & in one piece are paramount, so much of my driving is done at night. By driving at night, in good weather, (& sometimes bad), I can shave 10-33% off my drive time. I can run anything from 80 meters to 70 cm now. The ATAS antenna is mounted to an old "Road Closed" aluminum sign attached to my roof rack. I also have a Diamond VHF/UHF antenna. The home brew antenna is a large thing that will be mounted off the trailer hitch receiver, on some square tube that put it off the rear driver's side of the vehicle. The cap hat sits about 12 feet in the air. I had it up at 14 feet, but damaged it on one of those tiny I-25 culvert style underpasses in a quasi rural area. I will reiterate, I do not like to drive & talk on a cell phone so CW, or even phone are just something I don't like to do. I am busy watching for deer, elk, antelope, cows, horses, black ice and idiots. I have used the repeaters to get road conditions, and covey warnings about a slide up by Chama New Mexico that had obliterated the road. If it is late, and there is no moon, thus fewer deer, & elk, & might go on the air, to stay awake. I am known to fire up the rig at a rest stop & see who is out there, but I just don't care for driving & rag chewing, let alone trying to do CW. I do carry a 500 foot spool of #12, baluns, and a bow & arrow with a fly fishing reel on it, or electrical tampon string packs, so any trees are fair game for supporting dipoles. I am now working on a loop antenna. I have the vac caps, & coils working. I may go to the 897 in lieu of the 857. They both do an adequate job. I am also adding an HT with APRS GPS to the mix, with a mobile repeater. I build guitars, guitar amps, and repair both guitars & guitar amps, along with TVs, radios, & assorted audio gear & even appliances. so I got my General, then went back in 9 weeks & got the amateur extra class, which I missed by 2 questions the first go round. I was fixing enough ham equipment, it was dumb not to have the license.
  8. W4DLT

    W4DLT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I know this is an old thread but someone may still read it. I have a icom 7000, tarheel II and a turbo turner in my F250. It works great and I have made many contacts around the world on it. I use it to pull a fifth wheel camper. I usually set up a portable rig in the camper when I get there. But sometimes if time doesn't permit I just use the one in the truck. Turbo tuner works great just press tune button and give it a few seconds and your on point. Great setup, I enjoy it! 73's

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