Whats next for 2002?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by Guest, Jan 4, 2002.

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    OK OK so some of the people agree on some of the things we discuss here some of the time and some of the people have no idea what WE hams are even talking about.What to do next that is the question? I think some of you will agree (I think) that a majority of the people that come here day after day can and do conduct themselves in an adult orderly manner just by some of the responses to my threads actually I am very impressed with some of the responsives except for the delinquints with @arrl at the end I wont even take the time to discuss except for the fact that if there e-mail has that at the end(@arrl.com) I will not reply to because of there interest in the ham community. However for those of you that do not fit the arrl criteria Thanks for your input.The QRZ.moderators have been more than generious with myself and my writings but thats the way I am and thats the way it comes out,sorry.On to bigger and better things its a new year of a new millenium and I would like some input from any and all of you concerning the future of ham radio in the near future ie. band-allocation,the whole 10,11m thing,lets see what else ohh the darn commercial operation on 2m,thats seems to be getting worse and worse state by state there talking about that all over the place.Also the use of frs by police,security,and fire departments whatsup with that?

    Contact: kg4lmu@hotmail.com
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