Whats it coming to?

Discussion in 'Amplitude Modulation' started by N2DTS, Oct 9, 2016.

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  1. N6YW

    N6YW Ham Member Volunteer Moderator QRZ Page

    The riff raff who hung out on the upper end of 40 that proclaimed AM would cease to exist there
    have been quiet lately, right? Funny how that worked out. Some of the nuisance seems to be cyclic
    and certainly there is a common core of alpha males who lead the pack as it were. Then, they seem to
    fade into the background and go away. Little children get bored and seek adventure elsewhere.
  2. KA0HCP

    KA0HCP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Ummm. NO! That isn't a solution to anything. And really poor judgement to suggest this!
  3. AC0OB

    AC0OB Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Good advice, and couldn't be more true.

    Sorry, but I think EK's post falls within the borders of the political.


  4. WA7PRC

    WA7PRC Ham Member QRZ Page

    When my key is UP, nothing is transmitted.
    It's when my key is DOWN that something is transmitted.
    The same goes for PTT.
  5. AC8AC

    AC8AC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I herd it too thaught of saying something but why argue with a fool .. I admit I can have a trucker mouth but there is a time and a place . few beers with friends let it fly

    we are amateurs were going to slip once and a wile . but yes it was quite malicious without a care who it may offend and it was worse than I have herd on the 11 meter band hell it would have made the crew on 14.313 blush . the way I see it our Etiquette should invite others to join in the conversation .
  6. VK4HAT

    VK4HAT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Perhaps the point is so others do not join the conversation, and typically these kinds of things are from the In Groups who really do not want you joining their conversation anyway . It's not like we interject ourselves into conversations of others at the local Burger King, so why should radio be any different. And if the conversation is a big bunch of bigotry, hate and far right ideology, I think its a fair indicator to me, at least, that I am not really welcome in that conversation. As i would rather not demean my intellect.

    I remember hearing Volker ZS3Y give an endless stream of breakers a blast on 15m. At the time i thought it was quite rude, but I have since come to realize, that he does not want to work a pileup every time he radios, he just wants to talk to his friends and perhaps a few others and do it at his own pace. Then last night on 40m I was talking to a mate in VK6, not an easy path to work from VK4 when you are qrp, we just wanted to catch up, and chat, but then the breakers started.

    If etiquette should dictate anything, its that an amateur license does not give you the right to interject into every qso on every band and that one should consider carefully the ebb and flow of the conversation before they start yelling their call sign just to log a contact, check their antenna, mic gain, radio, propagation or any other stupidity some think is a valuable enough reason to kill an existing conversation with.

    Thanks, I think the thing we need to remember is that radio amateurs come from all walks of life, from the high brow to the low brow, 1 tooth hill billies and wall street bankers and everything in between. I choose who i associate with in my personal life, I do the same in my radio life. Life is too short to be worrying about what others are doing. So ignore the stupidities and the extremes and just get on with enjoying yourself.
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  7. N2DTS

    N2DTS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Then there is the other side of that coin:

    In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist; And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist; And then they came for the Jews, And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew; And then . . . they came for me . . .
  8. N6YW

    N6YW Ham Member Volunteer Moderator QRZ Page

    I think that so far, for a public forum, this group has refrained from overt political and/or rant style, verbose
    and negative hyperbole aimed at stirring things up. I appreciate that because it's prevented me from bringing down the hammer
    with an exception of a couple of OPS who couldn't help themselves. I have a zero tolerance for BS and I appreciate the refrain
    that so many of you exhibit... after all, this is about AM Radio as a hobby. That perspective alone is enough to keep us on topic
    for years to come.
    Thinking about "What's it coming to" has brought me back to the idea that is in it's simplest form: Find a clear frequency,
    PTT and start talking. Whatever happens after that is purely up to us, QRM or otherwise. Grown men know what to do.
    73 de Billy N6YW
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  9. WA3VJB

    WA3VJB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I later joined the same QSO that was highly questionable when Brett was listening -- the one that started this posting. By the time I checked in, the subject matter had drifted away from what was heard and was much more in keeping with the kind of image of our part of the hobby to which I hope to contribute. Sometimes that's all it takes, wait it out, come in, behave, and others of goodwill may follow.
  10. N2DTS

    N2DTS Ham Member QRZ Page

    But not a word was said about the language by anyone.
    That seems to say something about the trend of ham radio operation.

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