What to do when ripped off? Here are a few hints and experiences from "abroad"...

Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by DH5AK, Apr 29, 2011.

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  1. DH5AK

    DH5AK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Once I have bought a software in the web. The site looked to be US-style, of course I wasn't sure about that. I noticed an "approved PayPal customer" sign somewhere, so I transferred the money two minutes later, just 9.ooUSD and waited for the software or at least a download-code or a donwload-link or so. Nothing happened, for hours and for weeks.

    After two weeks I ran hot. As the website was somehow made in US-style, I looked in Google for the words "US police internet crime" and found the internet crime desk of the US police Illinois. I phoned them from DL and a very willing police officer told me that he needs the county of the owner of this website to write a criminal charge. How the ... can I find out in which county this ... lives? But the officer had some web tools and helped me to investigate that this web site was based on a server in Florida and in Hawaii. Pooooo, you need a very long whip to hit somebody that far away! As you might know, a good portion of all DLs are VERY stiffnecked, hi. So am I! The officer mentioned that this site "smelled fishy" anyway, as it had just an email-address shown, no phone number or postal address. He mentioned two websites, in which he recommended to write down a detailled report about what had happened to me and toinform the owner of the website about this. The first address was www.rippoff.com where I have written a consumer complaint. And the second one was www.econsumer.gov which is a multinational organisation to prevent and investigate internet crime. Of course I wrote a complaint there as well. And I sent a mail to the website owner that I had written these complaints.

    Then I wrote a complaint to PayPal, mentioning what I already hade done. They answered that this deal underlies not their official protection, as this is only valid for deals inside eBay, but promised to discuss this on their "problem solution desk". When I am on the run, I run and never use the brake: I looked again in Google for words like "internet crime council" and bingo, I found the FBI and their Internet Crime Counter Council ( named somehow like that), in short named as "IC3". In my eyes that was exactly the institution I was looking for. I wrote a criminal charge there and I had to type in even the size of my shoes, but I have nothing to hide.

    Finally, I have sent a mail to the holder of the website. Of course I had sent several mails before. But now I described what I have had done meanwhile. I have sent this mail to PayPal as well. Suddenly PayPal decided to reverse the money transfer, except what they had charged for their job. Even the holder of the website tried to transfer the this little rest, but this was prevented through PayPal. I suppose that PayPal had closed his account. I had 95% of my money back. This website which offered the software vanished from the WWW, at least with that product...

    I hope that this little story gives you a few inspirations what could be done.

    73 and good luck
    de Andy DH5AK

    P.S.: Please forgive me the typical idiomatic mistakes,
    english is not my mother tongue.
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