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What speaker to use

Discussion in 'Microphones, Speakers & Audio Processing' started by 2E0OOV, Nov 24, 2021.

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  1. 2E0OOV

    2E0OOV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi guy, I am just about to buy an Icom 9700 and a Yaesu ftdx10 which speaker could I use
    For both
  2. SA4MDN

    SA4MDN Ham Member QRZ Page

    One with 2 inputs would be an idea, with a switch on the front to switch between the 2. lots out there from the 3 main manufacture's.
  3. G8FXC

    G8FXC XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well, ICOM and Yaesu will tell you that you desperately need the matching speakers which are going to cost you £150 each more or less. You'll get them home and find that they look nice next to the radios, but take a look inside and you'll find that it's a nearly empty box containing a fairly mediocre drive unit.... I run an IC-7300 and an FT-991A into a pair of KEF Coda bookshelf speakers that I picked up for about £25 from a charity shop several years ago - they sound great. Physically, they are a fair bit larger than the ICOM or Yaesu options and don't fit on the desk next to the radios - I have them on speaker brackets on the wall...

    Martin (G8FXC)
  4. AI5DH

    AI5DH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Bluetooth hearing aids. Seriously hearing aids are the best RX and Speaker improvement hams can make. Using your phone app can adjust the EQ so you can hear anything. Nice when you turn on the stereo or TV in the house, you have the best seat in the house for sound no matter where you are.
  5. G8FXC

    G8FXC XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    OK - 2E0OOV is a UK callsign, so you must have a Richer Sounds near you! They are offering a pair of brand new Wharfdale Diamonds for £49 - will sound great on your two shiny new radios!

    Martin (G8FXC)
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  6. 2E0OOV

    2E0OOV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks Martin I shall have a look.
  7. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page


    Who uses a speaker for a "home" station in amateur radio?:)

    In 56+ years of hamming, although I've tried great speakers a few times...they suck compared with headphones.:p
  8. G8FXC

    G8FXC XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I've tried multiple models of headphones - including some that were moderately expensive - and never found anything that was comfortable for more than half an hour... They are also too restrictive - when I've finished my morning cup of tea, I'll be down in the shack for several hours - during which time the radio will be on but I shall also be doing construction and some programming - I don't want the weight of a pair of headphones while I'm moving around. No, there is a pair of noise canceling headphones on the shelf next to the operating position and I will put them on if I'm trying to work some difficult DX (or if the wife, with whom I share the shack, comes in to make jewellery) but for general listening and rag chewing, it's a decent speaker every time.

    Martin (G8FXC)
  9. G8FXC

    G8FXC XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Check the Richer Sounds web site - they have half a dozen different models of bookshelf speaker at less than £100 per pair - two good speakers for less than Yaesu or ICOM would charge you for one ... If you visit them at a quiet time, they will let you hear them all. I see from your QRZ page that you are not far from me - I have always used their Watford branch, but the Milton Keynes shop is probably closer for you...

    Martin (G8FXC)
  10. KB0MNM

    KB0MNM Ham Member QRZ Page

    You may wish to look at the web site for any information on a speaker system which was purpose-built to add DSP ( Digital Signal Processing ) to the Yaesu(tm/mfr.) line of speakers. I used to appreciate using a Yaesu brand mobile speaker because of the included high-frequency filter ( switchable ). For extended listening time, this cuts down on fatigue- yet also is not the more sensitive setting. I have no financial interest in either Timewave(mfr. mostly of TNCs) nor Yaesu(mfr.). Results you get will vary according to your ability to hear frequencies above those normally passed by telephone systems. The usual pass is around 300 hz. to 3000 hz., I believe. "Popping noises" seem to be the worst for fatigue, in any event.

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