What QRP Operating Today?

Discussion in 'QRP Corner' started by KM4DYX, Aug 15, 2017.

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  1. KC3MIO

    KC3MIO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I worked VO1DD in NL with 5 Watts on 40M CW around 2130. Almost 1200 miles from my QTH in NE PA. Doug lives in felicitously named Heart’s Delight, NL. A real pleasure to make his acquaintance.
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  2. US7IGN

    US7IGN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I so love real reports like 319. Bike and radio - the best QRP combination!

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  3. N8AFT

    N8AFT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great place for a tree stump!
  4. W4POT

    W4POT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I took my Flex-1500 to the regular Wednesday in the park QRP outing and set up my Chameleon MPAS antenna on a tripod with 4 drooping counterpoise wires. I operated for about 2 hours on 20m using FT8 and made two contacts with my 5 watts. One was in New Brunswick Canada and the other was with an operator in Los Alamos New Mexico. None of the other guys brought their radios so I was the only one to make any contacts during today's session. :D
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  5. N8AFT

    N8AFT Ham Member QRZ Page

    FB OM! I remember not so long ago it was just the opposite!
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  6. KC3MIO

    KC3MIO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Worked W0ITT POTA today on 20M in MO about 900 miles from my QTH. Both QRP, great stuff!
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  7. KC3MIO

    KC3MIO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Trying out automatic Keyer on my 7300 and worked K7ARJ in ID and AC6ES in CA mid afternoon yesterday with 5 watts from NE PA. CW on 20M.
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  8. KM4DYX

    KM4DYX Ham Member QRZ Page

    K2JB came up on 60 from North Georgia where he was SOTA. Didn't realize until after the QSO was over that I had left my 817 set to 1 watt for WSPR.
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  9. WW2PT

    WW2PT Ham Member QRZ Page

    TO80SP St. Pierre & Miquelon (FP) was loud on 30m CW in FL a couple of nights ago. I got ‘em on first call for a QRP ATNO (#67), as well as a new band slot—I already had FP on 40m and 20m. Worked @ 5w with KX2 + 24’ end-fed vertical wire.

    They’ll be QRV until 14-Oct. More info here: http://www.dl7df.com/fp/
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  10. US7IGN

    US7IGN Ham Member QRZ Page

    A few hours later I will fly to TA4. I take my qrp radio and wires.
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