What QRP Operating Today?

Discussion in 'QRP Corner' started by KM4DYX, Aug 15, 2017.

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  1. N8AFT

    N8AFT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm planning to op portably from the Columbus Antique Radio Club's tailgate swap meet this Saturday morning near Westerville Ohio.
    I intend to run CW around 7050 to 7062kHz using a qtr wave vertical and the FT857 @ QRP and/or <35watts solar powered.
    Maybe we can have a QSO Al...
    Being another portable outting during an SKCC Weekend Sprint there's extra opportunity for many QRP QSO's.
  2. VK3YE

    VK3YE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not an actual contact but did some tests with what one might think is the most futile QRP band/mode/power combination. 160m AM 200mW with a modified $5 Pixie kit. Got 5km range with portable receiver.

    After dark the carrier could be faintly heard 500km away.

  3. N8AFT

    N8AFT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great experiment with great results.
    I'm glad you didn't use the term "hacked" but rather 'modified', Thanks .
  4. KM4DYX

    KM4DYX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was short on time this afternoon, but I took the opportunity to hook up my 817 to my backyard dipole and see what I could hear on 40. Seconds later I heard KM4ZZ calling CQ. I answered back and scored CW QSO #4- thanks, Charlie. He was running his 817, as well, so QRP to QRP.

    N8AFT, I haven't forgot you! Things took a turn toward busy. Hopefully this week we'll make that SKED.

  5. N8AFT

    N8AFT Ham Member QRZ Page

    OK Al, Same thing here with the busy... should be getting the 40m Cub replacement from MFJ in a day or so.
    Maybe we can break it in...
  6. W4POT

    W4POT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I made just one QRP contact today from a local park using my FT-817ND and it was SSB on 17m to Costa Rica from Florida. 1349 mi
  7. KM4DYX

    KM4DYX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Welcome aboard! I'm an 817 guy, myself. Yesterday had an 817 to 817 CW QSO.

    Nice qrz page. Looks like you have a great setup for portable operating.

    Next on the agenda is to start learning code. I think it's a natural progression: when you first get your ticket you make some SSB contacts, then you get into digital, then you get bored with that and start learning code. Anyway, that's what I did. I'm still very new to code, but it's coming along.

    Keep us updated on your QRP adventure.

  8. K7WFM

    K7WFM Ham Member QRZ Page

    40M LSB net check in with 5W to Reno, NV at 11:30AM PDT.
    594miles using a 300ohm fed 66' doublet up 25ft.
  9. KM4DYX

    KM4DYX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nice qrz page. If everyone with a QRO rig cranked the power down and saw how little power was actually needed I think the world would be a better place.

    Or, at least there would be less QRM.

    Thanks for joining the conversation. Come back tomorrow!

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  10. N8AFT

    N8AFT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Running the Viking II on 80 the other night in QSO with a QRP'r so I notched her bk to 5w...
    Big radios do QRP just as well as the tinier ones.
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