What kind of calculator?

Discussion in 'Becoming a Ham - Q&A' started by K6JK, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. KC5JIM

    KC5JIM Ham Member QRZ Page

    My HP-50G is not welcome at most tests either!
  2. W0IS

    W0IS Ham Member QRZ Page

    There might be one or two exceptions, but all of the questions I've ever seen don't require a calculator. Miraculously, everything works out to nice round numbers.

    Questions involving deciBels always just happen to involve 3 dB. Questions involving Ohm's law just happen to use single-digit whole numbers.

    In the question quoted above, without doing the math, you know that the answer will be more than 240, and there is only one possible answer that fits that description.
  3. NV3R

    NV3R Ham Member QRZ Page

    Slide rules rule

    When I took my test I just brought a slide rule with me. As each candidate had do demonstrate that their calculator was clear of all formulas etc. they just waved me on through and laughed at my antiquated equipment (just before they were about to administer a test on morse code!) I was relating this story to someone many years later and he told me that the used to examine the slide rules in a similar manner to see if formulas were engraved on them. As a slide rule collector I would have never thought of defacing one of mine in that manner.
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