What is a Ham Radio Curmudgeon?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KI4CFS, Oct 14, 2019.

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  1. W4ZD

    W4ZD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think "curmudgeonry" is a natural process of life, as when we grow old we have less tolerance for the 50 to 80 years of BS that we have had to tolerate. At some point we realize enough is enough, and utter "bah humbug." :D I do this routinely, though I confess I find much that is beautiful, a sure antidote to "curmudgeonry." :p
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  2. N3PM

    N3PM Ham Member QRZ Page

    May I add lackeys and toadys?
    Mike N3PM
  3. KM1H

    KM1H Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wow, does that bring back memories of Mike, W2OY
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  4. KM1H

    KM1H Ham Member QRZ Page

    Someone who doesnt care for Newbie dweebs on their high horse and pissing on everyones lawn; especially with a stupid question easily found on Google. The beginnings of a Troll possibly.

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  5. AG5WT

    AG5WT Ham Member QRZ Page

    <----- Just fertilizing that pretty grass for you. It's tough riding horseback with sneakers, but they sure do help with the jump down.
  6. N1FMV

    N1FMV Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you are not a curmudgeon stay off of 75 meters.
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  7. KI4CFS

    KI4CFS Ham Member QRZ Page

    It seems to be abundant in responses online, make we want to get on the air again where Ham's are nicer!
  8. KI4CFS

    KI4CFS Ham Member QRZ Page

    And on line, I believe that additude is driving more new Ham away than anything else. Thanks for responding.
  9. N0TZU

    N0TZU Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Now, aren’t you glad you asked? :eek:
  10. K4EJQ

    K4EJQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm a curmudgeon and Proud of it. To get a "thumbnail sketch" of same read my QRZ bio page. And yes, read between the lines. Questions, answered for a fee ! Now, leave me alone !!! Bunky, K4EJQ
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