What benefit is there to becoming an Extra?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N4QFY, Jun 15, 2020.

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  1. W1VT

    W1VT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Amateurs are allowed to use Baofengs that meet Part 97 spectral purity rules, even if only one out of a thousand meet the regulations.
    The FCC normally won't allow other services to use radios unless they pass their approval. And one of their rules is they only operate on frequencies for that service.

    There was a manufacturer who tried to get around that by submitting the same radio for different services and then trying to market it as a multi-service radio. The FCC didn't accept their reasoning.

    You can use a radio that operates out of band. But, you need to be sure that you are operating within your operating privileges.
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  2. WZ7U

    WZ7U Ham Member QRZ Page

    It used to be that getting to Advanced was a good compromise between having full access (Extra) and slightly less access without the obligatory bump up to 20 wpm. Now, I think there's no reason not to reach Extra since the code is not a factor anymore (for better or worse).
  3. W4IOA

    W4IOA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I agree even though it makes others who's reading comprehension skills are lacking apoplectic.
    I'm a general class operator. Many times I'm slowly cruising up and down the bands listening for something to hear. In my younger days I made the mistake of answering a cq of someone on the wrong side of the "line". No one noticed and I got a nice card, it was then I realized I crossed the line when I saw the frequency. Now after a decade I'm pretty aware of where I am at and I always look at the readout before I call or answer.
    So I understand what Zachary was saying in his comment.
    To those who disagree with him I say stop being so pedantic. Burt takes a lot of heat for this, but there a A LOT here on the 'zed who are worse than Burt.
  4. WZ7U

    WZ7U Ham Member QRZ Page

    You unearthed the definition of "The Usual Suspects ".
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  5. AG5CK

    AG5CK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I heard a guy say he was still a general because the extra test is too easy. It was somehow against his moral code to upgrade.

    Another fellow tried and failed because the answers for the current question pool were wrong.

    If you get a license that's too easy to obtain because you had all the wrong answers that's something you'll have to live with for a long time.
  6. KI5CAW

    KI5CAW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I upgraded because I'm a CW op and I didn't want to worry about what frequency I was on. I could have passed the 20 wpm test if asked. I used the sample test questions to guide in-depth learning and had a great time expanding my knowledge base. Part of that had to do with digital modes, SDR theory, and Smith charts. I know long time Extras who think the new tickets are too easy to get, but if I ask them about those three subjects, they haven't the foggiest idea what I'm talking about. They, however, have tripled my practical knowledge of antennas and transmission lines, and like me they still love tubes.
    Some of us just like to be the bast possible at whatever we do;)
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  7. WS9K

    WS9K Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you have to ask,....you might as well stay in general class
  8. N4QFY

    N4QFY Ham Member QRZ Page

    To stay there I would need to be there. I'm still a tech. All the test sessions are getting cancelled and I only have one webcam so I can't do the remote testing. The online practice tests are pretty easy for both tests so I'll probably just take them both when I have the chance. I'm getting decent with my copy practice as well. I've got my copy speed on all my letters up to 20wpm. My sending is still rough but I get less chance to practice that. I'm still pretty shaky with numbers and symbols. Well the rain stops I'll hopefully be able to hang my 40m dipole and get some real practice.
  9. K3LI

    K3LI Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    If you study for the Extra, you will learn a lllllooooooooootttttttt of stuff you will find useful one day. Notice I said study, no memorize answers.
  10. KU4X

    KU4X Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi Mark,

    I have noticed in many of your replies that you mention your code capabilities in the same breath with doing well on the practice exams. Maybe it's just me, but it seems you are linking a code test with the written test. Just in case you are, please know that a code test is no longer required. If you're working on your code skills "just because", then please forgive me and drive on!

    Hope you're able to find a testing venue soon. You will do well!


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