What am I doing wrong! IC-718 and MFJ 949E

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by kd7nmn, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. AG3Y

    AG3Y Guest

    Pete he's trying to get a 2 meter J-pole to work on 80 meters, using an MFJ tuner! ! ! His problem goes far deeper than the need to inject a carrier into the SWR meter! In fact, he says that he is putting out 30 watts from his radio ( how he arrives at that number is anybody's guess ! ) It really would do you a lot of good to read the string from beginning to end, rather than just adding to the confusion. "I didn't have the patience. . . . ." is a great portion of the problem as I see it ! Sorry, just had to vent ! Read ALL the posts and see if you don't agree!

    73, Jim
  2. KE5OKQ

    KE5OKQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why does a request for techical help from a new ham always deteriorate into an indictment of the licensing system and a harrangue about how much smarter the old timers are then the new breed.

    Lighten up guys. He's just asking for help, he doesn't need to be beat up on. Not everybody is as smart as you are!
  3. N4AUD

    N4AUD Ham Member QRZ Page

    It has nothing to do with "smart." He doesn't have a beginner level license, he has an intermediate level. He should have SOME idea about what he's doing.
  4. KJ3N

    KJ3N Ham Member QRZ Page

    Come on, that's too easy.

    When a General class ham asks how to make a dipole, or (in this case, it appears) tries to load a 2m J-pole on 80m, there's something wrong with the system. Even "lowly" Novices had a clue why that doesn't work.

    Do try and follow along, OK? [​IMG]

    We're smarter because we read books that teach us stuff. It's called "Getting An Education" and "Expanding Our Minds". You can do it to. Lately, however, I've seen no evidence that most people these days are bothering to even try.

    And just how is anyone supposed to help someone who appears to not even have the basic understanding of antenna and radio concepts? Several have given good, solid information, but I'm betting the person in question still doesn't have the slightest idea WTH those folks are saying.

    "Mommy! Mommy! The mean old hams are picking on me again! They're holding me responsible for my own lack of education instead of letting me blame everyone (and everything) else!"

    Books are the best cure for ignorance. Read them. Then get back to me.
  5. W5HTW

    W5HTW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, yes, that IS true. It is a part of the "more pork sausages,(HAM) Mom" mentality of rushing folks into ham radio and the licensingprocess and sending them to the street. Or to the disappointment in the hobby and everyone in it.

    Certainly when I entered this hobby I had lots of in-person help, I admit. Today, thanks in large part to the internet, there is nearly none. So it does fall onto the shoulders of the licensee to learn 'something' on his own.

    It is quite likely, in this particular case, the individual never even heard of the Handbook or the ARRL Antenna Book. No one told him. They told him, "here, boy, gimme that guitar, and memorize this test, and you be a ham." But the problem is, he is at the "journeyman" level of amateur radio. That is very discouraging, and does not speak well for the system. However, that is the same system we use in our public education process, so I guess it is to be expected. If you can spell "kat" you are a high school graduate.

    We were fortunate. I had a ham in my 10th grade class who invited me to his home and showed me his station. Other classmates took me to their homes, even let me talk on phone (AM) I DID buy an ARRL Handbook, which was Gleek to me. But I was lucky, as I was thumbing through it at a bus stop, having bought it ten minutes earlier, and some man stopped and said "Are you a ham?" I said "not yet," and there began a friendship with an older fellow who told me how to understand some of that stuff.

    Yes, I still had to read the book. He didn't spoonfeed me. But he showed me where to look, and that isn't happening much today.

    People "want it now." No time to go to the library and ask about 'amateur radio books.' And no real incentive, either, since they alread know they can just memorize the multi choices and be a ham and be on the air. Hopefully. This fellow didn't make it that route. And who ever sold him that radio and tuner should have asked "you have a good antenna for this?" And then: "What kind?"

    So, sure, a lot of it does fall on this fellow's shoulders. But I think the big portion of the problem is on the system that says "No matter what, we have to get YOU licensed." Even if you don't want to be licensed. Even if you will never get on the air. Even if you don't know what "on the air" means. It's like the draft in World War II. Draft everyone, teach them later.

    Many of us discovered ham radio because we found it on our own. Saw antennas, heard someone talking about it, stumbled across CQ or QST on the newstand. Today we have school teachers who are trying to turn an entire class of 25 eight year olds into hams. Not, "Are you interested in this?" Just "do it."

    Maybe the bottom line is the entire hobby is broken. From the Elmers to the would be hams, through the licensing system. I'm too old to dedicate myself to the thankless and impossible task of fixing it. The only thing I can do is answer a question now and then, and get on the air and enjoy what it is today.

  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Maybe a joke post? Maybe meant to say Dipole and is too ashamed to come back to correct himself?
  7. KC9GUZ

    KC9GUZ QRZ Member

    If one doesnt have time to do some research and reading up on things then WHY ON EARTH are they into this hobby were it requires some knowledge??
  8. N3BIF

    N3BIF Guest

    Actually the tuner in question has an meter setting for  30w input and 300 Watt input, depending on your signal strength, I think he is saying that even on the lower setting he gets no reading.
  9. K0CMH

    K0CMH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, in the past I have defended folks coming here with those kinds of questions. I think I still do, but I must admit that this one did suprise even me.

    I am one of those "5 wpm" generals, BUT, I came into the hobby with some level of technical knowledge before I studied for and took the test. Most of you have already read about my electronics hobby as a teenages, and my radio operator experience in the army. Icould have been a "real" general, since I can copy and send at 15 wpm, at least enough to pass the code test (but at the moment, my comfort zone is about 12 and up ot 15 on a good day).

    For me, passing the tech and general tests was a matter of burshing up -- filling in the holes I had forgotten and just a very few things that I turely didn't know.

    Unfortunately I personally know a few Extras who did actually memorize enough answers to pass and who I had to help with basic antenna questions.

    So I guess the best thing we can do here on QRZ is what other and I do. That is, answer the question with some information and referr them to references for more knowledge.

    Although I am far from a guru on all of Ham radio, I feel I actually know, use and apply the basic knowledge sufficiently to feel that I can hold my head up in the Ham community.

    So I hope we continue to help those that ask such questions to find answers, not just blow them off.

    I think that may of the people that don't know the knowledge will get frustrated in a little bit and have their equipment up for sale. In a way, it will be self-policing.

    for those that got into it by memorizing the answers but do have the desire and will to learn, will get help from this site. I for one am like that. Sometimes I come here with a question for a "quick start" on my problem, but will always follow up with either reading on the subject, or getting some elmering from a knowledgable friend.
  10. KB0LPI

    KB0LPI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here's my guess. What I'm thinking is since he says he's picking it up on his VX-7R, and the VX can only receive AM, he's got the 718 in AM mode. The Power setting on the 718 goes from 1 to 99 (plus "L" and "H") and he has the power set to 30, and its max power is 100W. (except it's only 40W on AM, so it's roughly 30% of 40W, more like 12W.)

    Nothing on the General exam I remember mentions j-poles, so I'm not sure where he learned to ID a j-pole. But I do remember 468/f being on the exam...

    That said, 12W carrier should still tickle the meters, but it doesn't, for reasons previously stated.
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