Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by W6GQ, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. KL1ZA

    KL1ZA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have been getting so many of these same messages in my inbox lately. I'm glad (okay maybe that's the wrong word) that other people are seeing this same problem. In my case, I would prefer a local sale, and I'm not in enough of a hurry to rush my unit to some place where I would never see my money.
  2. N4FCR

    N4FCR Ham Member QRZ Page

    The header usually always contains a few IP addresses. It will show the Yahoo servers, but also in the header should be an IP address from the originating ISP. There's a few IPs and a lot of other garble you'll have to sift thru in the header.

    And like I said, it's not perfect, but it's definetly one way you could spot a potential scammer.

    The messages I got came from bluemail.org so the Ip's pointed there, but I also found an IP pointing to Nigeria in the same header.

    Charlie, KK4AFX
  3. KI4FQZ

    KI4FQZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I absolutely agree with everything previously stated, except the whole "Pay-Pal" thing. DO NOT TRUST PAY PAL!!! MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SERIOUSLY BURNED!! Keep on thinking that they can be trusted, that's what they want. Also, keep in mind the fact that THIS IS AMERICA!! PEOPLE WORK HARD FOR WHAT EXTREMELY SMALL AMOUNTS OF MONEY THEY MAKE, ESPECIALLY IN THIS POOR EXCUSE FOR AN ECONOMY!! THEREFORE, WHO IS ANYONE TO DICTATE IN WHICH FORM OF TENDER THEY ARE ALLOWED TO SPEND IT?? Unless of course one is either so greedy, or desperate, that they need their money IMMEDIATELY for whatever they are selling.(Maybe crack cocaine habit??) If that is the case, why not sell locally? Unless perhaps there is a reputation issue that prevents it? In any case, I can't help but wonder, however did any thing that was ever owned by anyone in America, ever get sold without "Pay-Pal"??? Honestly....., I'm relatively certain that MOST folks would be perfectly happy if C.O.D. still existed. That way, at least they get to SEE the condition of what they are buying before they render payment. I know, I know......it seems absurd in this day and age. But after all, if every one was intelligent enough, or cared enough to understand exactly how to buy and sell IN this day and age, and had the ability to protect themselves accordingly, none of this would be necessary after all, would it? The seller has something to sell. Either honestly, or dis-honestly. The buyer wants to acquire it. Either by honest, or dis-honest means. And the difference between the two is not too difficult to spot, as long as you are the type of individual that actually cares about how you treat other people, or how you prefer to be treated. The only things that would prevent the ability to see the difference, would be the lack of caring, or the lack of intelligence. The harsh reality of it is..... If you can not.....or do not.....then don't!!! One can only be taken advantage of if they allow it or enable it. If one does not have the ability to research another, and make a proper determination based upon their findings, as to whether or not to complete the transaction, either have some else do it for them, or just don't do anything. Seriously.........how old are we? And if your'e not intelligent enough to do that, then who was it that fudged your test results, and gave you an amateur radio license in the first place? And if you don't care enough, then you are merely a part of the problem that created the whole lack of trust issue in the first place as well. This is America! There is more than one tender that can be utilized to remit payment, and don't let the greedy, desperate, or controlling individuals let you forget it! Also, after the fact, please take the time to realize that the ones who would object harshly to this posting, would more than likely also be the ones who are a part of the problem, and not the solution.
  4. KH6VP

    KH6VP Ham Member QRZ Page

    My golden rules for safe purchases:

    - If there is Western Union written anywhere, ignore it.
    - If the ad doesn't look right, ignore it.
    - If it is too good to be true, ignore it
    - If there is no photo from a real installation, then ignore it.
    - If there is no landline number given (do keep in mind however that even a US number can forward to a foreign number or to a cellphone overseas - that can be checked with QRZ.com or some other website), then ignore it

    Last edited: Mar 1, 2011
  5. KH6VP

    KH6VP Ham Member QRZ Page

    I placed a Wanted ad. No, I didn't lose any money. All I got was replies from people who I traced to Mauritania, Nigeria, and some others to unregistered 10.XXX.XXX.XXX addresses.
    I am no longer using QRZ for Wanted ads. This site needs to put catch-all phrases or something to avoid these scan artists ruining a perfect legitimate need.
  6. K8ERV

    K8ERV Ham Member QRZ Page

    That's ok as long as they don't filter out want ads for Vanna-----

    TOM K8ERV Montrose Colo
  7. K7GQ

    K7GQ Subscriber QRZ Page

    I would like to add that it is possible to successfully receive funds from a non-USA buyer - bank-to-bank (wire) transfer. Funds received in this manner can not be "recalled" by the buyer. This is also a good way to handle large dollar sales within the USA.

    Typically, the "incoming" wire fee ranges from zero to perhaps $25. While you do have to provide some account details (account name, bank account, bank address), there is nothing to stop you from opening a new account with a minimal deposit (say $25) in order to receive wired funds.

    My bank, one of the "too large to fail" banks, uses a special ABA (Routing & Transit) number for incoming wires only which provides protection from "reverse wires" or ACH debits.
  8. HS0ZIB

    HS0ZIB Guest

    As other non-US hams have said in this thread, please do not assume that all overseas buyers are trying to scam you. Many of us do not have easy access to purchase ham equipment or accessories in our home countries, and have to purchase overseas. In many cases, we have to pay postage fees that are higher than the cost of the equipment that we are purchasing!

    If a seller is unwilling to use Paypal, I always offer to fully prepay directly into their US bank account. Those funds cannot be 'reversed', so my actions place total faith in the seller to honor my payment and deliver the equipment to me.

    BTW, many of these scam emails always include the phrase 'get back to me' (with your payment/price etc). Look out for that phrase. It is a giveaway that this is a scam email.

    The use of this phrase is not limited to ham equipment sales. I own a hotel on Phuket Island, Thailand and I regularly receive guest room requests for perhaps 10 rooms for 1 week ==> lots of money for me! But the email offers to prepay and overpay by credit-card, with me sending the balance back to them by Western Union. These emails also include the phrase 'get back to me...'

    73s from sunny Phuket

    Simon HS0ZIB
  9. WD9L

    WD9L Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have been burned so many times in the past by using paypal ,western union and all the others now I only accept USPS MONEY ORDERS or CASH! Those you can verify!
  10. G0IFI

    G0IFI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Surely it's just about as simple as this: See that money in your bank account before the goods leave the shack. No cheques. No refunded overpayments. Buyer pays, you thoroughly check he's really paid, then and only then, the goods get shipped. Someone suggested insisting on a phone call but that won't always cut it. Anyone can sign up for a free redirected number to give the appearance of being in the US or UK. You can usually trip up a scammer with a silly technical question.

    In truth though, W6GQ covered it in his original post and these threads always go circular, leaving people confused about what's safe and what isn't.

    There's a guy on an anti-scammer website somewhere who, knowing the buyer was going to send a fake cheque, got the Nigerian scam artist to arrange fedex to come and collect a crate of laptops. The con artist paid over a thousand dollars real money in insurance and shipping, only to find an old, dirty toilet bowl and a load of old computer scrap in the box when it arrived and he opened it.

    P.S. don't consider that, funny as it might be. There'd of course be a collection address the scammer could trace you to, and he could be part of a quite well-organised and annoyed bunch who might want to come and see you.
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