Weird CW Call in Russia

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by AI4RA, Dec 6, 2017.

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    You can always type in the freq and go from there....
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    What is this^^^? what_is_this_.png
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    LOL! So that's how the Russians got Trump elected - they used HF! (OK, the tongue's out of my cheek now).
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    OK, y'all encouraged me to dig a bit more into the numbers game, and the Numbers and Oddities website (link below) now shows that the transmission comes from the Chinese military M95 operation.

    At the link below, click on the latest issue of "The Spooks Newsletter" (or click on N&O #242 from the list if you read this after Dec. 2017), and some transmissions (beginning with the CW string I referenced earlier) on 3.642 MHz are referenced on page 38. We may have no idea what any messages from these transmission sites mean, and probably never will if they use one time ciphers. But it is revealing nonetheless that an extensive network of secret communications exists throughout the world.
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