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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W0TDH, Jun 12, 2002.

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  1. W0TDH

    W0TDH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Perhaps I am the last one to find out about these little pests. I downloaded a program the other day to get rid of the "Pop Up Ads" that are so numerous now. Included with the Guard-IE software was an anti-bug program. It alerts you to spying bugs on the pages you are looking at. I did look at Yahoo's Privacy Policy's fine print and they do admit to using these little raskles to find out what you are viewing on the Net. How nice of them.
    I have written to Sen. Helms once again. Whether or not it helps I do not know. I feel that using any device to spy on the General Public is out of line and should be stopped. If you think I am kidding about the Bugs, down load the above program ( free 20 days ) and see for yourself.

    Tom - K0PJG
  2. K3SAM

    K3SAM Ham Member QRZ Page

    What program ?
  3. N0XU

    N0XU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I use some freeware called "Ad-aware", to great success. It can be found at www.lavasoft.com.

    73 de Drew N0XU
  4. W0TDH

    W0TDH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello Sam,

    The program is called Guard-IE es can be downloaded from zdnet.com
    After downloading I found I needed to re-boot before it would work. It adds a task bar that you can do several things from.
    Let me know if you find the bugs. Not hard to find though. The little bug icon they add to the new task bar flashes red/green when there is a web bug on a page you are viewing. Click the flashing bug. Then left click the eye ball that pops up where the bug is es it tells you where the bug is from. I have not been able to trace them backwards to their origin very well yet.

    I also use ZoneAlarm (free) It prevents Port Scanning es helps protect you from virus laden e mail.

    Also Mail Wash (free) It lets you look at your e mail while it is at your ISP. Gives you the ability to Delete es BOUNCE the msgs before they get to your machine.

    Download these programs from zdnet.com

    Tom - K0PJG
  5. W0TDH

    W0TDH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hmmm....even ZDNET.COM has started using the WEB Bugs...

    To: ZDNET

    I have written my Congressmen about this issue of WEB Bugs monitoring the activities of everyone one the NET. Even my On-Line Broker is using them. This is a Business of Collecting information about the General American Public in large, without their knowledge, for profit. These Web Bugs are not visable unless you have a Web Bug detecting program. Most folks I talk with have no idea at all they are being monitored, much less have a program to detect the Web Bugs ( Guard-IE, etc. ) It does not matter one wit to me your reasons for doing so, or that you have a POLICY on this subject. It is a wide spread Privacy Violation that needs to be addressed by Congress.

    I do not believe even our Congressmen know they are being monitored.

    This e mail is being forwarded to my Congressmen.

    Thomas F. Fischel - K0PJG
    8274 Cullowhee Mountain Road
    Cullowhee, NC. 28723

    To view Collins equipment;
  6. K4LCA

    K4LCA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I downloaded the 'Bug' program several months ago. It became annoying, I got rid of it. All the companies are doing is determining how many people are viewing web pages and particular portions of it. This, I assume, helps set rates and fee schedules. I don't suppose they want to pay big money for something that is not seen very often.

    I don't care if they know I looked at something. So what...

    I use ZoneAlarm. Keeps them out of my computer. I keep my computer virus free. Computer security is good, paranoia is bad.

    Larry / K1LCA
  7. AC7UX

    AC7UX Ham Member QRZ Page

    i downloaded this little program to help in keeping my computer running smooth. i cant remember the name of the site, but maybe some of you might have been there, and can help remind me of the name. the program is called doorhop and runs all the time in the backround. it is really not only very useful, but also is fun to use. it is a little cartoon character and his name is milquetoast. when a bug is detected it jumps up and screams " napalm". you left click its right eye and a small jet flies over and drops a mini napalm canister and the bug is set aflame. since i installed this program on my computer, ive had trouble free operations. i would highly recommend this program to everyone, best of all it is free.
  8. KB9YFI

    KB9YFI Ham Member QRZ Page

    There is more to "spyware" than just cookies. Some of this stuff is excitable programs that your anti-virus never sees. That is because is comes with the junk you download from unsavory and sometimes even respectable sites. These programs are memory resident and keep in contact with their masters via the web. Don't believe me? Then download ad-aware from lavasoft or other such programs and see how many processes are running on your computer. They come and eat up your processing power little by little until your computer is moving at a crawl. If you have a firewall or router then it is even worse because these little "orphans" will try to contact their masters and when they can't they keep trying-sometimes tens of times a second to contact them. That really eats up processing time and messes with your performance.

    Jim - KB9YFI
  9. W0TDH

    W0TDH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I just down loaded Personal Sentinal ( free for 30 days ) es it is finding a Web Bug on QRZ Home page, also on the page to input a Reply. Guard-IE is not finding these. It also blocks the Ads in side panels.

    Dear Editor: Lloyd are we using Web Bugs on QRZ or is this program doing something in error ?

    Tom - K0PJG
  10. W5AWG

    W5AWG Banned QRZ Page

    To fully understand the Actual Danger of so-called "Spy Ware," and Information Warfare, go to <www.psycom.net/iwar.1.htm> here is a "teaser:"
    A hacker group known as the Cult of the Dead Cow has released a Windows
    95/98 backdoor named 'Back Orifice' (BO). Once installed this backdoor
    allows unauthorized users to execute privileged operations on the affected

    Back Orifice leaves evidence of its existence and can be detected and
    removed. The communications protocol and encryption used by this backdoor
    has been broken by ISS X-Force.

    A backdoor is a program that is designed to hide itself inside a target
    host in order to allow the installing user access to the system at a later
    time without using normal authorization or vulnerability exploitation.

    The BO program is a backdoor designed for Windows 95/98. Once installed it
    allows anyone who knows the listening port number and BO password to
    remotely control the host. Intruders access the BO server using either a
    text or graphics based client. The server allows intruders to execute
    commands, list files, start silent services, share directories, upload and
    download files, manipulate the registry, kill processes, list processes, as
    well as other options.

    Encrypted Communications:
    All communications between backdoor client and the server use the User
    Datagram Protocol (UDP). All data sent between the client and server is
    encrypted, however it is trivial to decrypt the data sent. X-Force has been
    able to decrypt BO client requests without knowing the password and use the
    gathered data to generate a password that will work on the BO server.

    The way that BO encrypts its packets is to generate a 2 byte hash from the
    password, and use the hash as the encryption key. The first 8 bytes of all
    client request packets use the same string: "*!*QWTY?", thus it is very
    easy to brute force the entire 64k key space of the password hash and
    compare the result to the expected string. Once you know the correct hash
    value that will decrypt packets, it is possible to start generating and
    hashing random passwords to find a password that will work on the BO
    server. In our tests in the X-Force lab, this entire process takes only a
    few seconds, at most, on a Pentium-133 machine. With our tools we have been
    able to capture a BO request packet, find a password that will work on the
    BO server, and get the BO server to send a dialog message to warn the
    administrator and kill its own process.

    A very good program is avalible from <www.guidescope.com> it also has a little "pop-up" control board, and also eradicated advertisements.
    I also use "Window Washer" , it is a 30 day free trial, I was so impressed I bought it, $16.95 or about, get it from ZDnet, etc.

    The vital aspect of keeping your Computer "secure" is that "naughty" hackers CAN and WILL get into your system and then UTILISE your ISP and COMPUTER to commit covert criminal activities, ESPECIALLY if you have a DEDICATED server, but they CAN subliminally UTILISE a phone modem and do stuff while your happily reading the Classified Ads here.

    A very DANGERIOUS site to visit is Ebay, due to its popularity, I assure you, I worked over a year for a TOP Ebay seller, we had a Full-Time ATT phone modem, 3 computers linked by Ethernet, or whatever, and had to have a REAL PROFESSIONAL system expert come in to 'de-bug' at least twice a month. Our Eudora mail service was totally invaded and had to be abandoned.
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