we need a good kids contest

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by KB1NYQ, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. K0DXC

    K0DXC Ham Member QRZ Page


    your view on amps are misguided. To increase your signal by 1 db( or 1 s unit) you have to multiply power by 4. so from 100 watts times 4 equals 400 watts. Running 100 watts or 200 watts doesn't really make a difference.

    People just think it does and it makes me sad. lets see here... 400 times 4 = 1600. More than legal power. so if you were to run full power compared to 100 watts you would only have a signal increase of about...

    1.8 s units

    beams will increase your signal about 3 s units for every element. A much better way of increasing your signal

  2. DJ1YFK

    DJ1YFK Guest

    1 S-Unit = 6dB

    100W to 200W is 3dB or half an S-unit and it can make all the difference, when the signal is at the noise edge. When it's comfortably above the noise, it won't matter.

    In free space, a 2el Yagi may have about 4dBd (not even an S unit), a well designed 3el just above 6dBd (1 S unit), but the gain per added element quickly decreases.


    And opposed to your output power, the antenna gain isn't limited by the contest rules :)
  3. K0DXC

    K0DXC Ham Member QRZ Page


    I posted in a hurry, didn't look up all the math.

    Face it, it doesn't make as much difference as a beam. Amps cost thousands of dollars. Eilif makes me think that he thinks he needs them badly. I would focus on getting a beam.

    Rarely will half a db make much difference. If you listen and have skill in your dx and time your call you need no amp
  4. K0DXC

    K0DXC Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. KU0DM

    KU0DM Guest

    Amps are nice contest tools, and when needed great for DX.

    But for a big contest, using an amp is an acceptable practice IMHO.
  6. K0DXC

    K0DXC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Amps are nice, but put the antenna system up first. They DON'T help as much as a lot of ops think they do.

    the problem is that people get into the hobby and think its "cool" to run high power.

    I could beat out plenty of Kilowatt stations with my great operating practices and skills, it happens all the time. I don't need an amp, I'll stick with a great antenna.

    Most people who run high power don't even ever run the FCC RF Evaluations that they're supposed to. I see people running full power with a vertical right up against the house :(

  7. KU0DM

    KU0DM Guest

    I'm not disagreeing with antenna systems.
    Why do you think I want a MonstIR?
    Multi-bands with no compromise makes a mighty performer.

    I was just saying, an amp is nice for contests, and when needed, if used correctly (smartly), can be nice for DX as well.
  8. K0DXC

    K0DXC Ham Member QRZ Page


    after you have the antenna systems up, if you still want to (I prefer low power like the good ol' days) It would be fine to get one.

    it almost disgusts me how the new ops with verticals want one so bad though
  9. K0DXC

    K0DXC Ham Member QRZ Page


    back on track.
  10. KB1NYQ

    KB1NYQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    who says u need the antenna first?

    i got the amp no antenna
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