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WD4ELG QRP-in-the-field adventures, session #2

Discussion in 'QRP Corner' started by WD4ELG, Apr 4, 2021.

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  1. WD4ELG

    WD4ELG Ham Member QRZ Page

    • Test out new ZM-2 antenna tuner, improvements maybe from session 1
    • Try out random wire antenna with counterpoise (new antenna type for me)
    • Test my arbor line throwing skills in the field
    • Make a few QSO's; have some fun, learn some things
    • 76F, sunny and windy; Haw River State Park (not a POTA activation per set)
    • FT-817ND with CW filter and BHI DSP module, Palm paddle
    • BioEnno LiFePO4 5 AH battery
    • Emtech ZM-2 tuner
    • 58 feet of landscaping electrical wire for radiator (acceptable length according to several articles)
    • 17 feet of landscaping electrical wire for counterpoise
    • Par EndFedz 20 meter EFHA
    • Arbor's weight and 100 feet of line
    Steps taken:
    • Managed to get the arbor line over a 30 feet tree on first try, and raised the 58 foot radiator
    • Discovered that I somehow forgot to bring the ZM-2 tuner; too bad because I had everything but the kitchen sink in my go-bag
    • Raised the 20 meter EFHW
    • I saw that my new 20m EFHW was a bit too long (SWR was high above the CW segment); too bad I had no wire cutters, so I used a rock to cut the antenna wire (that was quite a workout, that is some strong weaved antenna wire!)
    • Made three QSO's on 20: HA3NU (CW), HA5TM (SSB), HI3MRV (SSB). No US stations heard my signal, although I called several of them. The 20 meter band was mostly quiet, but the EU DX signals were strong (I also heard but did not work HB9, DJ7, I0)
    • Even without a 1:1 SWR (the FT-817ND was showing some SWR, but it's not exact) I was able to make some QSO's so the EFHW is a good option as far as field antennas go (no surprise). Not sure why I can't get 1:1 even after pruning it...maybe the specific installation.
    • My go-bag had a ton of stuff in it (10 pounds), which is not a bad thing since I only had to walk 100 yards from the parking lot. Until I refine and learn some more and complete additional experiments, I probably won't lighten the bag much.
    • I should start making checklists so I don't forget.
    • The FT-817ND audio was not harsh this time...maybe I have some RF sources at my home QTH from Session #1 that were not present for this session. I had no problems listening to the quiet band without any "roaring" sound.
    • I'm struggling to picture carrying an IC-705 into this scenario. Do I want to drag my $1200 high-end radio to a park? I don't really need a bandscope or digital modes for these outings (that would be a different use-case to have a tablet with me for digital modes or satellite). Honestly, it's a lot of fun to "tune the dial" and make CW and SSB QSO' that I had forgotten about. Between that and the QRP challenge, I am re-igniting some serious excitement!
    • I need to come back to this QTH because it's close to home, not crowded, quiet, and there's a food store where I can grab an adult beverage after my outing.
    • I need to register for POTA and activate this park; it's a small state park, I doubt if anyone has activated it much.
    • Next time, I will experiment with the random wire antenna to see how it does.
    • The pruned section of the EFHW and the rock I used to cut it (and cut my finger LOL)
    • Setup for Session #2

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  2. W4ZNG

    W4ZNG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    The very best part:
    >>>I saw that my new 20m EFHW was a bit too long (SWR was high above the CW segment); too bad I had no wire cutters, so I used a rock to cut the antenna wire <<<

    Real Hams adjust for better SWR with rocks! Outdoor operating at its finest.
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  3. KI4POT

    KI4POT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Could be common mode currents on your coax. I had the multi-band version of that antenna years ago and my 817 would show highish SWR in some situations. I also had a QRPGuys No-Tune EFHW that did the same thing. Try putting a choke on your coax about 3' down from the feedpoint.

    You'll figure out what works and what doesn't after a few trips. Until you go to a new location and decide to pack the kitchen sink again "just in case". :)

    BTW, before I sold off my 817, I had my portable HF kit pared down to the radio and mic, an EFHW SOTA Tuner from QRPKits, 80' of 26awg wire on a chalk reel, a 17' counterpoise, and either a Bioenno 4.5ah battery or 8 AAs for the internal battery tray (that would usually last long enough for a single SOTA activation). With the KX2, I just have 54' of wire for the radiator, 17' for the counterpoise, a sony earbud set with mic, and the radio. I might toss in the MFJ-1820t antenna if there's a risk of no trees or I'm primarily operating on VHF and want HF along "just in case".

    Sounds plausible. I have similar issues with my radios at home vs in the field, especially when I'm far away from civilization.

    Welcome to the wide wonderful world of portable operating. :)


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