WARNING: Windows 10 Incompatible with FLDIGI

Discussion in 'Logbooks & Logging Programs' started by KE0EYJ, Jul 30, 2015.

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  1. WJ4U

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    Almost two years after the OP, still don't have a problem with Windows 10 and fldigi working together.
  2. K4TAX

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    I'm running Windows 10 on my HP Desktop and a SignaLink USB. No issues with HRD, FLDIGI, WSJT-X { all latest versions}. Also use CAT control for the radio. All is well here. 73 Bob, K4TAX
  3. KE0BKM

    KE0BKM Ham Member QRZ Page

    my dell laptop running Win 10 with signalink USB. into a FT-450D worked fine for about 5 min. the connection to the rig is via data cable, I purchased the jumper kit from signalink. at first the audio was not heard on the radio while connected that is correct to what I have read.

    After setting up the sound card selections in Win 10 twice and setting them up in Fldigi. it worked fine once. then the signalink started transmitting on and off. I turned off and went through the setup again. Fldigi now does not transmit it seems to but does not. the text turns red then goes really slow and it takes several min to transmit a couple of cq's and a callsign if it ever finishes. The sound card settings in Win 10 do not stay correct and keep reverting to something else. I can hear audio now from the speakers of the rig. I finally gave up and went to bed.
    Found this thread. Would really like to get the signalink usb running on Linux with fldigi. anyone know what sound card drivers need to be in a Linux Mint setup?
  4. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    So 1 user says it will not work, And 10 users say it works fine.

    Could operator error play a part here ? I know this is rare. 10% seems high.
  5. N4AAB

    N4AAB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Somew Windows 10 computers supposedly have USB 2.0 ports, but anything USB 2.0 wont work with them without a USB 2.0 hub.

    Another possibility can be the firewall software you are using, lets it through, and then decides its a threat and closes off that device's conection.
  6. W4KJG

    W4KJG Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm running nearly all of my favorite digital HF programs, including my DSP receiver programs, under Windows 10 and Linux Unbuntu using Zorin OS 12.1. I started with Zorin 8 when most of us were using Window 7. Before that, I was using Linux Mint on my primary ham computer when my other computers were on Windows XP -- but that was quite a few years ago. I've continued to go through all the upgrades with both operating systems.

    My wife and I each have deskstop and laptop computers. All but my main ham computer is running Windows 10. She uses a lot of programs that I don't use, and vice-versa. We've not had any issues from the the days we installed the initial upgrades to Windows 10. It was smooth.

    On an aside, the nice thing about running Linux Unbuntu for my main ham computer is that I'm able to use it on a 15 year old, somewhat updated (lots of memory and huge hard drive, with an external "mirror" hard drive backup) Dell laptop that is built like a battleship. (I actually have two that are identically configured, if one should completely fail.) I have the operating computer setup with a second monitor that is a $189 Samsung 32 inch LED TV. The computer has lots of I/O ports, two sets of independent audio ports, and I can run it wireless or via wired Ethernet. (I use the wired Ethernet because it has less issues with RF in the shack). It has a CD/DVD, which can be swapped out with a 3-1/2 disk drive -- which has never been plugged in. It would be difficult to have this setup with an affordable off-the-shelf computer less than about five to seven years old.

    Anyway, if people are having issues like this, they need to invite a much-younger computer-savvy friend over for a little assistance and a very nice dinner. I'm fortunate to have my younger son living 30 minutes away who is a senior IT dude.
  7. N4AAB

    N4AAB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    :) I'm the family computer geek, 35 years and retired. But the family still asks for computer help and advice.
  8. KE0BKM

    KE0BKM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am fairly computer savy. What has me confused is that I ran Fldigi on this same computer using the standard microphone and earphone connections to the front of my FT450d using the VOX function and make contacts. I did not notice any problems. after I set up the signalink it seems Fldigi is having problems. I really want to run it on the Linux machine because it is an old machine that won't run Win 10 but is built like a tank and still has lots of life left.

    Anyone know where I can get the program/drivers for the sound card used in the signalink to run on a linux machine?
  9. WJ4U

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  10. KE0BKM

    KE0BKM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for the info
    got it working on win 10 but still want to move to linux

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