Warning: I got burned by dougmatt6@gmail.com

Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by W4LTZ, May 8, 2013.

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  1. W4LTZ

    W4LTZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    So it was late, I couldn't sleep and I was not thinking but I still screwed up. I did exactly what the sticky thread said not to do, but as soon as I did I realized it was a hack I changed my passwords on the QRZ site and my email. I used the same password on only those two, so it was a quick fix and I think I'll be ok. But I am always smart about these things and I got taken like a dummy. Just a heads up.

    This is the email that was sent, and the email title was the same as my thread title here, so I know he is on this site:


    I have the item you are looking for.
    View my address for a total price shipped.

    http://qrz.us.mn/qrz/LoginQRZ.COM.htm Delivery Address in link.


    How dumb I to fall for that?

    If the admins want me to forward the email so they can look at the routing info I'll be glad to but I have no idea where to send it.
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