WA0TJU silent key

Discussion in 'Silent Keys / Friends Remembered' started by AA0RQ, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. W3PRL

    W3PRL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Rest In Peace Ole Man

    Our prayers are with the family.....
  2. K4NCG

    K4NCG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Rest in peace "sparks"

    Sparks, your watch is over, but as always it was a long watch but all the logs are correct and signed, the traffic checked and filed and the classified message board is up to date. The LMAA, LMBB AND LMCC Broadcasts are all fivers, WWV is loud and clear on the R-390A on the 5 meggar but will soon fade and a spare R-390A is set for the 10 meggar. The teletypes are all clashing and banging away, mostly ZFG traffic this morning. Ship to Shore is good on both ends. No outgoing traffic pending and the HiComm radio check with NAVCAMS was loud and clear. Shredding was done and the butt cans emptied. Soon the Chief will stop in at Radio Central to check the Old Man's traffic, check his and ask how the 0400-0800 went then head on down to the goat locker for coffee and breakfast. The old man will soon follow to pick up his message traffic and head to the wardroom, soon followed by the XO, OPS, COMMS, ENG and the Admin Officer too. Take a breath, sign off your log, turn it over to the oncoming watch and head down to the galley for a cup for yourself.
    de NVVW QRU AR RMC Sparks...
Thread Status:
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