W6LVP Amplified Receive-Only Magnetic Loop with T/R Switch

Discussion in 'Ham Made Gear' started by W6LVP, Jan 27, 2017.

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  1. W6LVP

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    The Wellbrook Model ALA1530LN-2 and DX Engineering (Pixel/Inlogis) Model RF PRO-1B magnetic loops are both good amplified receive antennas. However, they are both expensive and difficult to connect to a transceiver lacking a separate receive-antenna input. At $295 and including a transmit/receive switch, the W6LVP loop addresses both of these issues. Shipping the Wellbrook antenna from the UK to the US adds another $100.

    Extensive side-by-side testing of the Wellbrook, DX Engineering, and W6LVP receive loops was compiled using simultaneous WSPR signal-to-noise reception reports on all LF, MF, and HF amateur bands. In addition, extensive laboratory bench tests measuring gain, signal-to-noise ratio, and IMD were also performed. Signal-to-noise ratio is important to pull weak signals out of the noise and IMD is important to reject distortion caused by nearby strong transmitters such as AM broadcast stations. In both test regimens, all three antennas performed very well and without significant measurable difference.

    The W6LVP loop antenna system at $295 including a transmit/receive antenna switch is the best value.

    If your rig has a separate receive antenna input, search checkout my antenna with power inserter for you. If you live in the shadow of one or more powerful AM broadcast transmitters, contact me for information on a solution for you.

    W6LVP amplified receive-only magnetic loop antenna (boy is that a mouthful):

    • The W6LVP mag loop is a complete receive antenna system delivering top-of-the-line performance to amateur radio operators and SWLs - particularly for those with space and/or budget limitations. It is a great complement to small vertical or wire transmit antennas. You have a knob to turn up the power but don’t have one to turn up the received S/N.
    • Ten foot circumference (approximately 1 meter diameter) loop. Small size yields a natural stealth for HOA challenges. The loop is rigid enough to maintain its shape but flexible for portable transport or attic installation.
    • Includes a low-noise, broadband amplifier covering 2200 (135 kHz) through 10 meters (30 MHz) with no tuning or adjustment. Great for contesters to quickly check all bands. Greater coverage is possible at reduced performance.
    • Light-weight antenna support fabricated from furniture-grade PVC yields a strong but very light antenna weighing only 2 pounds (not including transmit/receive switch or power adapter). Great for both portable/camping as well as fixed installations. Light weight and small size make for lower shipping cost – particularly compared to shipping from the UK.
    • The W6LVP mag loop includes a combination transmit/receive antenna switch and power inserter for the loop amplifier which enables a receive antenna to be easily used with transceivers, such as the popular Icom IC-7300, lacking a separate receive antenna input. The W6LVP loop is equally friendly with receivers or transceivers with receive antenna inputs. The transmit/receive switch supports up to 100 watts transmit power but also works with a separate high-power amplifier.
    • Directly compatible with a low-cost speaker tripod stand (not included) for portable operation.
    • Compatible with light-duty rotator (recommended) for fixed operation. Loop can be rotated to null interference by up to 30 dB or enhance desired signals.
    • Includes low-noise linear power adapter to generate clean 12 volts for the transmit/receive switch and loop amplifier. Unlike the DX Engineering antenna which requires 24 VAC, power can be easily supplied by 12 volt batteries during portable operation.
    • The W6LVP mag loop transmit/receive switch does not support QSK.
    Antenna including T/R switch - $295 + $25 FedEx shipping in USA – PayPal accepted.

    If you have questions or want to purchase from outside the US, don't hesitate to contact me at lplummer@vcnet.com.

    2017-01-27 14.22.14 HDR.jpg

    2017-01-03 10.38.52.jpg
  2. W6LVP

    W6LVP Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Since posting this information on my magnetic loop antenna, I have created a website where you can get more information on the antenna as well as white papers on diversity and WSPR for antenna optimization.

  3. WD9GNG

    WD9GNG Ham Member QRZ Page

    One Friday evening I contacted Larry W6LVP and asked a question about the kind of coax that he would recommend for his Magnetic Loop antenna. I was surprised to get a response with technical information within an hour or so. With this kind of customer service I decided to go ahead and order one of his antennas later that evening. I actually received the antenna on Monday afternoon within a couple days.
    I have extreme electrical noise that was S-8 most of the time on my Carolina Windom and made my radio almost unusable. I temporarily installed the Magnetic Loop antenna on a short 5 FT pole in the backyard. With the XYL as the null monitor at the radio I called her on my cell phone and rotated the antenna by hand and was able to get a sharp noise null of about S-1. Very tight null when rotating just a few degrees one way or the other. Went in the house and couldn’t believe the clear signals that were hidden by the previous high noise level. It reminded me of SWLing 50 years ago as a kid back in the good old days before the electrical noise environment turned so bad!
    As I mentioned, the antenna arrived within a couple days and was of high quality construction and packed extremely well for shipment. I had read the previous reviews about Larry’s product quality and customer service and my experience was also very good!!
    I am planning to mount the antenna on a Channel Master rotator one of these days to get the full effect of the excellent directionally of this Magnetic Loop antenna. I even read where Broadcast Band Listeners use this antenna to pick up and select between multiple stations on the exact same AM frequencies.
    I highly recommend Larry W6LVP and his Magnetic Loop antenna to other Hams and SWL listeners. He responds personally to emails within a business day usually just an hour or two. What more could a customer ask for?
  4. W6LVP

    W6LVP Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Due to increased component costs, I have had to increase the price of the T/R switch version of my antenna. The power inserter version is still $250.

  5. K7LZR

    K7LZR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Still a great value even with cost increase :). I'm likely going to buy one after things settle here :).
  6. WD9GNG

    WD9GNG Ham Member QRZ Page

    I recently bought one and am extremely happy with the purchase! The W6LVP Magnetic Loop antenna will revive the Ham and SWL listening community fighting the horrific electrical noise environment we face not counting the magnetic versus electric reception extensive reduction in static etc.

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