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    W3FD writes "Subject:
    W4PRK - SK

    Even though I knew "Andy" Anderson only 20 of his 70 years, he was a
    large factor in me going on to become an Extra. His love for the hobby
    showed every time he threw himself into my handheld modification jobs. He was so good at the mods - never fouled up one. And he was just about the funniest guy I ever sat next to. He would joke around saying "uh oh, this won't work now", as he performed mods on the tiny boards. He'd hurry me along after the mod completion, telling me to get back to work so he could continue collecting his social security.

    His funeral, just before Thanksgiving Day in 2000, attracted a large
    crowd. At first, I was miffed at the red t-shirts some people wore to
    his funeral, as most present wore suits. Then I read one of those
    t-shirts, and saw the letters I.R.A.R.C.

    The Indian River Amateur Radio Club had a fine man amongst their ranks. And how they ever accomplished any business while Andy was around making them laugh, is unknown. Andy was the caretaker and "tweaker" of many repeaters, and donated a tremendous
    amount of time to Civil Defense, and the radio community.

    Andy's love for amateur radio, was second only to his family. He left a large empty chair, here on earth.

    Fred Davis, W3FD"
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