Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by KF4YHH, Jun 1, 2002.

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  1. KF4YHH

    KF4YHH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Fellow Hams Be very cautious when dealing with this guy. I bought an IC 2800H from him on Ebay and he claimed it was like new. An worked great, and that the only reason he was selling it was to get the extra money needed to complete a deal on a Kenwood 2000. Funny thing is he bought the IC 3 weeks earlyer from an othe guy on Ebay (I talked to other guy) and checked records and he lost money on the deal. When I received the rig it was DOA, I contacted Chad and in returned received a nasty virus and a message that I had bought a box of mess. Icom has the rig now and charges have been filed for fraud. He was kicked off Ebay due to his actions and earthlonk dropped his account due to all the complaints about the viruses . Now he has another Icom 2800H and looking for a HF rig Mars ready? Sounds like 11 meters to me Becareful guys Greg [​IMG]
  2. KA4EBB

    KA4EBB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Complete LIE! Told me usps had damaged it! I sent in the USPS claim, and never heard any more about this.
    But believe what you want to belive, I do not CARE!
    I know I am honest!
  3. KA4EBB

    KA4EBB Ham Member QRZ Page

    "received a nasty virus and a message that I had bought a box of mess"

    SAY WHAT? I never sent you no message like that. PROVE IT! PROVE IT, PROVE IT! I want to see the message, and all of the headers!
    Yes, I did get a hold of a virus, but ebay did not do anything about that. Who does not get a virus these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Funny thing is this was a LONG time ago!!! Never heard anything from this guy again. This whole situation sounds funny!

    I have completed a lot of deals via the internet, and you NEVER have seen my name before, you judge for yourself. Also, I do ask that ANYONE that had dealings with me, please post here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. KA4EBB

    KA4EBB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Also, this occured the later part of last year...why so long? Again, as I stated I sent the usps claim in, he claimed he had another radio 'damaged" because of the usps xray machine. We spoke AFTER the virus's hit. It was a virus that travels to different e-mails, he makes it sound as though it was done with intent, which it was NOT!!
    As I stated before, I PLAN to defend myself with PROOF on this and any other "complaint' that will come against me!!!
  5. KA4CMC

    KA4CMC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have bought and traded ham equipment with Chad for about 4 years. Never a problem.
    Jack KA4CMC
  6. KE4RCO

    KE4RCO Ham Member QRZ Page

    In reference to Chad. I finally got my FT-817 back from yaesu after having to be sent off, on another one of Chad's "like new" deals. Gee go figure.
  7. KA4EBB

    KA4EBB Ham Member QRZ Page

    First I would like to say this. I traded with this person "KE4RCO" FACE TO FACE! Second, I know the radio was working fine. The only reason this person left this is that the alinco hf he traded me was a peice of junk and I told him about it. FUNNY THING is, this person NEVER contacted me about the radio having any problems, one would figure that since we lived so close that he would have contacted me. I would be very interested to see the "paper work" on the radio from yaesu. See, I have a WITNESS that it was working fine when it left here...What witness you say? A CAMCORDER!
    SO you go right ahead and say what you want to, I prersonally do not give a DAMN anymore. I have had it with all of these damn lies! But whatever. If this person had a problem, why did they not call me. When I caled ke4rco about the peice of junk I got from him, He accused me of everything in the book. But people believe what you want to. I know they are bad things gonig being said about me, so keep on believing it. I do not care! I have so many good trades HONEST trades, that I do not worry about this crap anymore.
  8. KE4RCO

    KE4RCO Ham Member QRZ Page

    As a matter of fact, I do have the paperwork, but after all the fussing and complaining abt the Alinco I traded being 5khz off and easily adjusted with the clarifier. (I have seen very few HF rigs that are exact on frequency, of course it could have been who he was talking to.) I did not feel the need to exact a response from Chad, I just sent the radio back, had it repaired and it seems to be working fine now. I was using the other radio I traded up until the time I traded. and I never had any problem with it. I tried to be as diplomatic as possible and was called several things I do not care to mention. The way Chad does business migth be the reason he has been removed from several auction and trading lists. and the only good comments I see in this post happens to be from either his neighbor, or another ham that lives in the same area, almost neighbors. maybe the best way to get the best deal from this person is to live in the same county.
  9. W0BKR

    W0BKR Guest

    I have a real simple solution, an application that I apply to any sale or purchase.

    If I sell something, I give the buyer 1 week to send it back if they don't like it or it doesn't work up to their standards, barring any damage from shipment which will be a claim to the shipper.

    The item must come back in the same condition I sent it or money won't be refunded.

    Stand behind what you sell and back it up....

    Else, you have no business selling anything in my opinion...
  10. KA4EBB

    KA4EBB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Funny, stood out there that night and tested it, and the yaesu worked well..umm..I do NOT believe it, if it was broke it was not by me!
    first, you do not know ANYTHING about me. The previous poster was not telling the truth! Yes, I have friends in my area that has taken up for me, so?
    I have NOT been kicked off any auction, nor list nor anything. I am a honest seller.
    As far as the one week thing, NOPE, will not never do that, people like to mess too much! I had the alinco for 1 day and it was a peice of crap!!! More than just off frequency, knob was broke, volume would not work right, AND SO FORTH. But you know what, everyone reading this, believe what you want to believe, I do not care. i WAS majorly ripped off. And listen, the only thing I told you was it was not working right, KE4RCO you are the one that JUMPED down my throat and accused me of things..remember? I no longer trade on the internet because of The way people act. I have had A LOT of great trades! Like I said before, believe who you want to believe, I do not care. I know who is right. THE YAESU FT-817 WAS WORKING 100 PERCENT WHEN IT LEFT HERE! Like I said before, I have PROOF, I recorded the operation on video, let SEVERAL friends here me, for crying out loud, when you came over, I was talking to you on the YAESU!!!...ughhhhhh some people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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