W4GBH Get on the Air Net for Young Hams

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by W4BUE, Jun 6, 2018.

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  1. W4BUE

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    Tonight the K4AMG Memorial Amateur Radio Club's, FUSION repeater will be in the "Wire X " mode for the
    W4GBH Get on the Air Net at 7 PM local time on Wednesday & Friday.

    K4AMG 40742 K4AMG Youth Net

    This is our first attempt.
    The GOTA net is run by the Great Bridge High School Amateur Radio Club, W4GBH.
    All young hams are invited to check in and older hams with with potential young hams can get their kids on the air.

    We are in Chesapeake, VA

    Check us out at K4AMG.org
  2. W4BUE

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    We now have ECHO LINK 211093.
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  3. MI0YLT

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    My family runs MB7IAF-L
  4. W4BUE

    W4BUE Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hello Young Ladies. At this time Conner W4IPC is operating the DX contest.
    Sorry to hear that you get nose bleed above 14 mHz. Do you have ECHO LINK? We have stations from as far away as Australia checking into our nets.
    The president of W4GBH Great Bridge HS is Conner W4IPC Chesapeake, VA. They can operate 80 - 10 meters on a Windom Antenna and 2 meters. The club has about 8 members with 5 licensed. We also have 2 students in Virginia Beach, VA and a young lady KN4RXI, 12 years old) in Portsmouth, VA.
    If you email me, I could place you on our email list or you could just look up our home page, K4AMG.org to read it.


    President and Founder K4AMG

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