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W1AW Gates BC-1T (update)

Discussion in 'Amplitude Modulation' started by WA3VJB, Feb 19, 2018.

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  1. WA3VJB

    WA3VJB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Got an update Sunday afternoon from Bob WB1GCM on the Gates BC-1T joint project.

    Tim WA1HLR was on the scene at the ARRL Lab where the transmitter has been since its move from a storage area at museum K3RTV.

    Bob told us in QSO that the design goal is now to configure the rig for use on 75m and 160m. Personally I find this idea the best tradeoff between high on-air presence and originality.

    Bob is instrumental in pursuing and continuing the significant use of AM at ARRL's stations. The Gates project is in conjunction with museum W1VCM, whose curator was hesitant to more fully modify the transmitter for 40m as discussed in an earlier plan.

    Now, if all goes well with the handiwork of TimTron and others, we may soon hear a strapping, plate-modulated, wholesome AM signal from the League's compound at Newington.

    Bob previously also inaugurated a contemporary technology AM transmitter as a prominent station in the "AM Rally," where tens of dozens of stations got to hear a new "Super Senior" rig from K7DYY.

    The audio chain has included a Sennheiser MD-421 mic, a Shure balanced mixer, and an Orban Optimod audio processor. All great gear!

    Your encouragement and support would be appreciated.
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  2. N1BCG

    N1BCG Ham Member QRZ Page

    The ARRL chose the man, the myth, the Timtron, to convert their BC1-G from professional to amateur use...

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  3. KA4KOE

    KA4KOE Ham Member QRZ Page

    I love the photos!
  4. N1BCG

    N1BCG Ham Member QRZ Page

    BC1-T, actually... Nice lab coat, eh?

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  5. KA0HCP

    KA0HCP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Timtron wearing his official ARRL Dr. of AMology lab coat!
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  6. N6YW

    N6YW Ham Member Volunteer Moderator QRZ Page

    I donated the 833A Tubes! Dennis W7TFO donated a meter. A wonderful project!
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  7. WA3VJB

    WA3VJB Ham Member QRZ Page

    So it's 2:45am EST and I got up to pee the dogs. Seems like I was having some kind of dream, like from spicy food? where really unlikely concepts were all jumbled together.

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  8. K5UJ

    K5UJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Get a load of TimTron in a WHITE LAB COAT--He's gotta wear that at the next hamfest he goes to!

    how about some captions:

    For the one at the bench with the soldering iron:

    "Watch how I de-yellify this box for your microphoneum."
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  9. WZ5Q

    WZ5Q Ham Member QRZ Page

    Excellence in action!
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  10. KA4KOE

    KA4KOE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Now he is an official ARRL technical consultant. That could be either a good or bad thing depending on your views vis a vis the ARRL.

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