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    Offering a gently used, one owner, non-smoker, functional Yaesu VX-5R tri-band (6m-2m-70cm with 222 band RX) water resistant, alpha display handie-talkie, 5w out including: (scroll down for kit photo)

    1 - VX-5R User's Manual
    1 - VX-5R HT
    1 - Barometric/altimeter sensor option, installed
    1 - hand strap
    1 - leatherette case
    2 - 6m top loading resonators
    1 - antenna tip carrying pouch
    2 - power supplies/chargers
    1 - drop-in charge station that accepts radio with battery or battery without radio
    3 - quick charge, Li batteries (two 7.2v/1100mA and one 7.4v/1500mA)
    1 - stealth headset with PTT switch
    1 - VX-5R HT for parts, partially functional
    1 - APRS/PACKET/Dual Mic plug to VX-5R mic/speaker jack adapter
    1 - Original box
    2 - belt hooks (on radio backs)

    Note in the photos I have programmed the S-meter to show odd numbers 1-9 with "bricks" for dB over S9. You can re-program this and other features as you see fit to include a large numeric display for frequency and a "ramp-up" S-meter with smaller "bricks."

    A nice description is here:
    Specifications are here:

    Speaker has pleasant frequency response, even for FM broadcast.

    I am not able to find anything but dust on this unit, but there may be tiny issues I've missed. This unit lived in the leatherette case except for battery changes, so the leatherette case is not as glowing but has no holes or rips.

    All batteries hold charge. With the clever battery saving features, you get great cycles. Because they are used, I cannot estimate length of operation, but the user's manual indicates 5-15 hours, depending on use. New batteries are still available with greater current ratings.

    The parts radio I rank "good looking" but "as-is" because it's a parts radio. Parts radio may be repairable, as the only problem I can find is missing screws and an intermittent battery condition meter which may be a broken wire.

    Asking $179 for all in list plus half of shipping costs. Add $5 for a second manual to keep in the car.

    Reluctant to ship outside USA. For sale not trade. Will consider alternate offers.

    Thank you.



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    Can accept credit card (please do NOT send numbers via E-mail), bank checks, major money orders, or PayPal*.
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    I am interested in your offer. I am new at this. How do I purchase this?

    Thank you,

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