Victron Energy multiPlus Inverter/chargers ... RFI?

Discussion in 'RV Operating and Camping' started by KG4RRH, Sep 22, 2021.

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  1. KG4RRH

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    Has anyone here had any RFI problems with a Victron Energy multiPlus 3kVA (120v out/24v in) pure sine wave inverter with a 70 amp battery charger? Or for that matter, any of the Victron Energy current products. Even if it's just an "I heard...." thought rather than direct experience, let me know please.

    I've got three of their Quatro 10KVA (230v out/48v in) units at farm wired for 3P that are quite clean as far as radiated goes. I do however have large toroid's on the outputs. I'm leaning strongly toward the 3KVA single phase unit for our RV, hoping it would be similar. I've also got a couple of their SmartSolar MPPT solar change controllers already that are detectable but actually fairly clean.

    The Victron inverter with be the core element in our (...the xyl mostly) "no running the generator most of the day" power for boondocking. It will be fed by 4 to 6 (TBD) 200AH Lithum batt's. We'll have 1800W of solar on the roof and 600W on the ground to do daylight charging with and, when needed, a few hours a day on the 4KVA genset the RV came with. The plan is to leave the "shipped with" 12v charger (55A) and house batteries (2@100AH each) in place for now to provide 12v to those things that need it, like my ham gear.

    Anyone else here done something similar?
  2. KG4RRH

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    We're going start with 4, 206AH, SOK batteries, a DIY MPPT charge controller, and one Vistron 3KVA 120/24 inverter. The battery compartment will be environmental controlled, even though it's interior (under seats)...we have space (physical and buss bars slots) for 4 more if required. Inverter will be at the shore feed termination (basement compartment) with forced (...temp controlled fan) air vents, next to the gen. The batteries are going to me in a box in a relatively hard to reach storage area.

    Now I guess we'll have fun with shipping delays and other supply chain issues...

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