VHF/UHF Radio Mounting in a 2018 VW Atlas

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio' started by KD2KUB, Mar 7, 2020.

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  1. KD2KUB

    KD2KUB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Good Morning everyone!

    I would like to ask anyone around here if they have a VW Atlas they have mounted a Dual Band radio into? Where did you mount the radio and it's accompanying head unit? where did you run the power cable from your battery into the vehicle?

    I may be installing my Kenwood VM-V71A into my VW Atlas today. Let me know what your thoughts are and how you did your installation.
  2. K9PHT

    K9PHT Ham Member QRZ Page

    How did you make out installing your 2m/440 radio in the VW ATLAS...

    I looked up you Atlas and that is a nice unit. I know what I would have done as I hate drilling holes on the outside and inside of the vehicle. I was able to do that on my F150 Truck with the only holes drill was on my bed rail... All inside items used VELRO... I installed my speakers in the drivers side door holder. This is a great spot for the speakers and doesn't bother the wife so much... The remote control mounted on a slip in board and velcroed in place in the center consol.

    I see the V71 has a remote control group you can order separately… Looks like it had all you need...

    I installed my 2m/440 antenna on the back of my rear door but I see all your doors open the same way … I guess I would come up with something on you top tie down rail and come inside thru the rear door rubber area...

    Looks like you have several places in the rear of the VW to mount the radio main chassis and then route the control head cable up to your center console. I see one large area in your console but after looking at a few photos I see your 12V Socket and a couple other plugs are in the bottom of the open area. Don't know if you can work around that or not. I definitely would VELCRO the control panel in place... No drilling holes...

    Again that is a nice vehicle you have and lots of room inside...

    I ran a fused large cable directly from the battery area to my rear mounted main radio chassis... I grounded my radio to frame ground at the rear radio area.

    Search for K9PHT an see some of my install photos...

    Roy Ken K9PHT
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2020
  3. KD2KUB

    KD2KUB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Good Afternoon Roy,

    Looks like alot of what you mentioned I have done in about 3 vehicles so far, A Prius, F150 and now my Atlas. I will document more later but here are the highlights:

    1. Disconnecting the battery is a must in order to get 2 fused connections onto the battery. Unfortunately the electronic ridden VW Atlas will reset it self causing a Christmas tree display on the dashboard. I learned the hard way that driving about 20 feet makes Christmas in March go away.
    2. This was really a no-drill solution. There is a hole with a rubber gasket already in the firewall on the passenger's side. This allows a coat hanger feeder to be shoved through and then a wire taped onto the end.
    3. Wire was hidden away under the plastic covers along the floor boards.
    4. Radio was installed in the back passengers side, on a piece of 1/2" shelf material in the shape of a trapezoid, which the cubby it now permanently sits. Wires are tucked in neatly under neath the cubby and are minimally hidden.
    5. I also installed a distribution panel that is fused. This will allow me to run stationary portable HF if I so desire.
    6. I installed some wire keepers that screw into the plastic in order to keep them secure. Velcro just doesn't seem to work on this no matter how much alcohol I use.

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