Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by K8LEN, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. K8LEN

    K8LEN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Anyone using ft857d for vhf packet<2 mtrs>, and what are your settings on the radio..I can hear the packet activity, but connecting is far and few between, running windows xp, mixw...no tnc just pc/soundcard..

    Any suggestions on settings


  2. N5MDT

    N5MDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    You will hear much more activity than you will decode. Hearing things does not relate to making contacts. Watch for beacons from other stations and connect to those stations mail boxes and leave a message asking for a sked, with an explanation that you are new to packet radio. Once you find one user he will likely introduce you to the others in the area.

    On the right frequencies? 145.03, 145.05, 145.07, 145.09 are the common packet freqs. Varies by local I would assume. Check the Winlink RMS Packet map for your area and it will give you an idea of where local stations may be and the freqs they use.

    Unfortunately I do not use an 857, but I do use an 897D so the settings may be similar. When I first started just making sure the mode was in PKT was all that was required. But, I was using a real TNC and not a sound card. Don't know what you use but if it is a sound card just be mindful of the Digital Gain. Watch the ALC meter as you transmit and set your digital gain so that you have little to no ALC activity. Transmit power can usually be minimal depending on antenna and proximity to other stations.

    More information like hardware & software may help us give you some specific pointers.

    Good luck.
  3. AE7HF

    AE7HF Ham Member QRZ Page

    wow, I haven't heard much packet radio activity in years. Only aprs. That sure is a waste of a nice radio for vhf packet though.. Find yourself a cheap little ht or something. Use the 857d for hf or rtty, psk31 or something. I used to use an ft-530 for packet.
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