Very basic questions about DMR radio.

Discussion in 'Software Defined Radio (SDR)' started by K1ZNE, Feb 8, 2020.

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  1. K1ZNE

    K1ZNE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Some days ago I asked in this forum if, since there are no DMR repeaters in my town, it would make any sense to buy a digital radio. Then an user of this forum kindly let me know about hotspots and such, and I was thrilled with the idea. I ordered my first digital/analog radio, a Baofeng DM 1801. I know already it is not the best but it was pretty cheap and I thought it would be a good starting point. Also I ordered a raspberry pi 0w and a hotspot that works with it. I just received the radio today, and since I will be taking Ham radio exams on the nexth 13th and for the moment all I can do is listening, here is my question: Can I listen in the meanwhile to DMR transmissions, or it won't be possible until I program my radio (for which I know I need to have my license).

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. ND5Y

    ND5Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    You don't need a license to program a radio (in the US). Wherever you learned that from was wrong.
    You do need to know how to write a code plug properly for any DMR radio or you probably won't even be able to receive anything.
  3. K1ZNE

    K1ZNE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks ND5Y, I was watching some youtube videos and there was a part where they talked about DRM ID that was a requisite to set the hotspot up and I think I confused this with the radio programming itself. I will look at it and find about programming the radio onlyn and the code plug also, if I can find how its done.
  4. ND5Y

    ND5Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    You only need a valid DMR ID to transmit on a network.
    For listening or simplex non-network use you can use 0 or 1 or 9999999 or any other number that the programming software or radio firmware will accept for the radio ID.
  5. K1ZNE

    K1ZNE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks, Tom! Good to know, I will try that.
  6. K6CLS

    K6CLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wow! You've jumped in to the deep end of the pool!!

    Pistar DMR is easu to set up. You'll be listening in no time.

    Please post about ypur experience. Best wishes for your test!!
  7. K1ZNE

    K1ZNE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello K6CLS, thanks to you I learned that there was still some hope for me in DMR even if I don't have a DMR repeater in my area. As I said above I purchased a Baofeng DM 1801 which I received this afternoon. I already updated the firmware of it to the latest version. I also purchased a Raspberry Pi 0w and a hotspot to attach to it. Hopefully these 2 items will get here this Monday. I'm still a bit confused about all that code plugs stuff but I will learn...I hope.

    Thanks to you all for your help!
  8. K1ZNE

    K1ZNE Ham Member QRZ Page

    I would appreciate some more help since i don't want to setup all this in the wrong way.
    I have my Baofeng DM-1801 updated to the last firmware version (so I know my programming cable works just fine)
    Hopefully I'll receive the Raspberry PI 0w and the Jumbo Hotspot tomorrow Monday.
    Finally I will take my Ham License exams on next Feb 13th (I say exams since I want to take both Tech and General class) Don't know how it works after that but I believe it will take a few weeks until my name appears on the License Database.
    I believed at first that i couldn't program my radio until my license was effective, but Tom just told me above that I can do it right away, just for listening, using 1 or 9999999 as my radio ID for programming....
    Now, the big doubt or confusion I have, are the radio programming and the hotspot programming 2 different, separate things? If so, which one should I do first?
    Sorry for so many questions, I appreciate your help.
  9. ND5Y

    ND5Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    Radio and hotspot are two totally different things.
    You can program the Baofeng to listen to other things without being licensed.
    The hotspot contains a low power radio. In order to use the hotspot you must first have a DMR ID which means you must have your license first. You can't set up the hotspot and then listen to it with your Baofeng without being licensed.

    I don't have either one so I can't offer specific help.
    I would suggest reading, and to learn how Pi-Star and hotspots work, assuming your hotspot runs Pi-Star. I don't know where you would find help for Baofeng DMR radios.
  10. K1ZNE

    K1ZNE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ok, understood, but I'll try to simplify it. I think I won't be setting this for "listening only", I will wait until my license is active.
    Now my question is (and sorry again for all the confusion I have at this point)...what do I do first, do I set the hotspot and the pi star configuration, and the code plug afterwards, or the contrary? Or does the code plug writing happen together with the hotspot configuration?


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